Capital Expenditure (Capex) Planning software

Anaplan for Capital Expenditure Planning enables finance leaders to take capital expenditure management beyond just managing the process. Using Anaplan CAPEX software, you can assess how planned or potential projects will affect your firm’s bottom line.

With a centralized, cloud-based platform, you can standardize the submission and approval process to bring consistency and improved productivity to a busy finance function. Collaborate easily with others across the business and outside the business, including technical advisers and bankers who may be funding a project. With complete visibility into the plan, you can accurately model and understand how your assumptions impact financial viability. Capital project expense, asset category, and useful life will help you determine the net impact of each individual project and determine which projects to fund.


Why Anaplan Capex Planning software?


Take CAPEX management to the next level

Free yourself from the drudgery of collecting disparate enterprise data and the limitations of modeling in stand-alone spreadsheets.

Steer your project team toward success

In Anaplan, you have a solution that delivers the insight you need to steer your project team toward the very best outcome. Create and compare “what-if” scenarios to see the impact of potential decisions before you make them.



Own modeling without reliance on IT

Empower your team with the ability to build and maintain models without needing expert coding skills. Quickly restructure models to keep them aligned with changing corporate structures.

Enable Secure, real-time, and transparent collaboration

Provide secure access control and make it easy to share a common set of data. Collaborate with key players across major projects. Use the built-in audit trail to see how assumptions have changed over time. Import actuals to track variances against approved budgets.