Andrew Paston, FP&A Manager, 2degrees Mobile

Andrew Paston discusses how 2degrees Mobile has transformed its forecasting, budgeting, and reporting process, as well as its future roadmap of use cases with Anaplan.

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So 2degrees Mobile is a mobile operator competing against the big guys in New Zealand. We started—launched about five years ago—and we have gone from strength to strength. We have got a great market share. So one of the great things about Anaplan is that fits in also with our culture. We have got a very friendly collaborative culture. Anaplan allows us to focus on the big issues and talk them through, and it really complements it well.

We brought Anaplan in primarily to do our forecast and budgeting, but it’s moved beyond that to be a main reporting tool. The business loves it. They go in and get the results monthly. It’s giving you real-time information on-the-fly. You can run sensitivities if you need to, that allows the senior management team to make decisions, to input new changes to your forecast, and you get some results. We can then easily with every forecast – I don’t dread it anymore. I look forward to it because this is a chance for our business to get together and talk about plans for exciting months and have a change from the last forecast.

Previously, you would spend so much time focusing on pulling all your models either in Excel®; now it’s about the value-added stuff. We are in the price you set at the moment of rolling out dashboards across the business, tailored to each user group that really sort of enhance the understanding of the key focus areas.

Hi, I am Andrew Paston. I am the FP&A Manager in 2degrees Mobile.