Highlights: Manage planning users globally, link plans across the company, accelerate your planning with 10+ new apps

With each release this year, you’ll see us rolling out ways for you to plan smarter across your company so that you can drive even more of your business by the numbers.

Administer all your plans in one place

We are proud to release Anaplan Administration, which enables you to streamline user access and model administration across the global Anaplan footprint. This feature allows your administrators greater governance and control, giving them the ability to implement user changes and organize models across the enterprise.

Note: This feature is available by request only. If you are interested, please contact support@anaplan.com

Globally enable/disable users

As your use of Anaplan grows, managing who has access to information and capabilities in Anaplan changes. Governance becomes even more important. In just one click, administrators now have the power to enable or disable users across all Anaplan models, and accommodate new use cases, new users, role changes, turnovers, and promotions. This global functionality provides even higher security and better control over who can access Anaplan.

User drilldown

View detailed user information such as user IDs and membership of different models and workspaces. Leverage this added visibility for auditing and organizational security.

Model drilldown

Dig into the details of a model, including model name, direct link to the model, model tags, current workspace, and list of users, as well as the list of users who have access to a model, their status (enabled/disabled), and date of last login.

Model categorization

As your business grows, organization becomes even more important. This release brings you model tagging to help organize the models in your workspaces by business function, app, planning cycle, and environment (development, test, production). Now, you can easily sort and filter to find the model details in the admin view.

Tip: Be sure to tag your models appropriately in the Anaplan Administration console to leverage the business map immediately when it is released.


Power your enterprise with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Connected planning starts with identifying your model structure and getting your model “production-ready” with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

The future of models: Separating data from structure

As part of our agile approach, we are building towards a future where you can seamlessly synchronize models between interaction modes (for example, development and production).

This release includes the first steps toward that reality. We have released a feature that allows you to identify whether a list in your model is data or model structure. In a future release, Anaplan will allow you to synchronize model structure changes between a development model and a production model without impacting your production data. To get started, visit Anapedia.

Get streamlined maintenance and better service with the Offline Status

[Model status: Determines whether the model is accessible to end users or only to admins/app builders.]

The Offline Status enables administrators to implement changes in a protected environment by changing the status of the model to “offline.” This will flag the model as temporarily unavailable to end users while administrators perform model maintenance, revert to previous versions, or update user rights in between planning cycles. Administrators can perform model maintenance with peace of mind and end users enjoy a seamless planning experience.


App linking enhancements – now across workspaces

You may choose to build plans in different workspaces to segregate departments or divisions of your company. At the same time, you may need to share some common information between these workspaces.

Connect your plans across all workspaces with enhancements that allow cross-workspace links. Whether you are scaling different models or doing user segmentation, now you can import lists and data between apps that belong to different workspaces.


Example A: Feed the right data from separate plans into a consolidated plan to ensure alignment across teams.
Example B: Create a data hub to sync changes across multiple models—simply dedicate one model for centralizing lists and modules that are shared across the different production models.

To learn more about these enhancements, visit Anapedia.

New visualizations to help you see more and plan smarter

Funnel Charts

Visualize your sales pipeline at a glance with the new Funnel Charts. These new graphics help you follow the customer journey and quantitatively measure conversions at each stage to easily gauge the health of your business.

New Maps

Manage your business operations abroad with state-level Maps of France, New Zealand, and Australia. This new feature literally puts these countries on the map in your model.


New usability improvements to help you plan faster

We are constantly innovating and improving your overall experience with continuous iterations in our agile approach.

To help you plan smarter and faster, our recent dashboard designer improvements include:

  • Minimizing the panel in design mode
  • Save and Exit in one action
  • Save without entering design mode

You can now also save a few clicks by implementing conditional formatting directly on your dashboard instead of drilling into a module.

Enhanced Trust and Security

As you connect your planning across the enterprise, your security matters even more. Our continued commitment to delivering trust and security includes the following:

TRUSTe Scope of Certification

Anaplan has earned the TRUSTe Privacy seal, which signifies that our privacy statement and practices are compliant with TRUSTe’s program requirements, including transparency, accountability, and choice regarding the collection and use of personal data.

TRUSTe Safe Harbor Seal

Anaplan has also been awarded the TRUSTe EU Safe Harbor Seal and abides by the EU Safe Harbor Framework as outlined by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Union, with respect to Anaplan. Anaplan plans to pursue TRUSTe’s Privacy Shield certification once the standard is finalized. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program and to view our certification, please visit export.gov/safeharbor

For questions regarding our policy or practices, please contact us at support@anaplan.com


SOC 1 and SOC 2 (coming soon)

Anaplan’s most recent SOC 2 audit report is available to customers. Anaplan expects to issue its third SOC 2 audit report and first SOC 1 audit report this summer.


Accelerate your planning with a rich portfolio of new apps

Kick-start your planning with these new apps to help drive even more of your business by the numbers.


Financial Consolidation (enhancements)

With Anaplan for Financial Consolidation, you can speed the financial close with a single platform that connects across your statutory and management reporting, budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes, all while complying with GAAP standards.

New enhancements include interco matching, equity analysis report, multi-GAAP support, discontinued operations, and equity pick-up.

Revenue Planning for Airlines

Most airline companies struggle to model and forecast their revenue in Excel.  Revenue modeling for airlines requires a level of granularity (aircraft type, country, channel, route) that is painful for Finance teams to forecast accurately when leveraging spreadsheets.  With Anaplan, airline revenue can be forecasted quickly and precisely at the relevant level of detail (routes, flight types) and based on industry specific KPI’s and drivers as available seat miles (“ASM”) and revenue available seat miles (“RASM”) to make more informed decisions.  What if scenarios and frequent adjustment to key assumptions allow airline companies to restate their strategic vision and operations to achieve revenue goals across countries, channels, and routes in an uncertain competitive landscape.

Lease Assessment Management (PwC Australia)

A new leasing standard, IFRS 16 Leases, was issued in January 2016. The changes under IFRS 16 are significant and will predominantly affect lessees, with almost all leases going on their balance sheet as an asset (the right to use the leased item) and a financial liability to pay rentals. This app helps companies perform an impact assessment of how the new leasing standard will affect them.

Account Reconciliation Automation (PwC)

The PwC Account Reconciliation Automation app enables the implementation of leading practices into your organization’s account reconciliation process. The app helps drive automation of multiple process steps, creates a single global platform for retention of reconciliation support, and provides end-to-end process transparency through real-time and postmortem dashboard reporting.

Project Estimation and Tracking for Service Projects (Cervello)

Cervello’s Project Estimation and Tracking app helps bridge the gap between project financials at the proposal stage and actual performance. This app helps drive profitability by making gross margin transparent during estimation, resourcing, and project delivery. It’s now possible to track and compare Sold-in, Staffed, and Actual Gross Margin at the project and account portfolio levels.

Workforce Capacity Planning (BetterVu)

Optimized for service organizations, this App helps develop accurate forecasts for the number of staff required to meet changes in demand. Using an Activity framework, the app computes time required based on standard activity times and helps the user balance staffing needs and structures with business activity volume.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing Performance Management (enhancements)

Anaplan’s Marketing Performance Management app can help you identify the touches that drive customers to revenue. Use performance marketing to optimize, predict, and simulate impacts of marketing activity on sales revenue, marketing funnel metrics, and customer journey behavior.

New enhancements include campaign attribution, connected sales and marketing funnel, customer journey analysis, and cohort analytics.

Territory and Quota

Using Anaplan Territory and Quota, you can optimize sales territories and align your quota plan with your revenue plan based on data-driven insights of the potential market.

New enhancements include optimized territory builder, extended account reach, increased built-in effective dating, split analysis of corporate goals and territory quotas in one place, easy management of personnel shifts, and data staging for account segmentation and scoring.


Global Compensation Planning for Banking

The Anaplan Global Compensation for Banking app enables reward teams at large banks to model and optimize bonus pools and deferral calculations across the entire organization, benchmark employees’ performance, run “what-if” scenarios, analyze results, and gain full transparency on compensation models.

Compensation and Equity Modeling

Getting compensation right is critical, particularly in a tight labor market, where opportunity costs are high on both sides of the ‘optimal compensation plan’. The mix of compensation packages that an organization offers its employees directly impacts recruitment rates, retention rates and employee satisfaction. With Anaplan Compensation & Equity Planning, scenario plan the optimal salary, bonus and equity plans for your new hires, bonus and promotion pools for your high performers and your organization’s annual pay raises. Leveraging the power of the Anaplan platform, see the impact to financial and projected retention results immediately.  Collaborate with each of your stakeholders to accelerate and improve the agility of the compensation planning process. Compress your compensation planning process cycle time while enjoying enterprise-level security. No more spreadsheets.

Agile Manpower Planning (SmartMegh)

Sales volume is the driving factor in information technology enabled services, which continue to evolve dynamically to stay in lockstep with changing demands. Today, workforce planning leaders are responsible for planning for the right headcount at the right time. In addition, a period exists that depicts the productivity scale of a particular employee (Trainee / Lateral) up to the optimal productivity.

HR Budgeting (Atos consulting)

The “HR Budgeting” application is designed to help you monitor, control and anticipate your payroll evolution. This app will help you manage the flow of information and decisions falling within the payroll, simulate the evolution of the payroll according to levers such as the evolution of skills, average wages, business, input / ouput of employees, promotions and more. Visualize the effects of a new salary policy and facilitate decision-making. Monitor and analyze the real evolution of the payroll. Deduce from that the factors of downward slide in comparison with the budget

Supply Chain

PwC Account Reconciliation

The PwC Account Reconciliation Automation app enables the implementation of leading practices into your organization’s account reconciliation process. The app helps drive automation of multiple process steps, creates a single global platform for retention of reconciliation support, and provides end-to-end process transparency through real-time and postmortem dashboard reporting.

Semiconductor Forecasting and Demand Planning (Solvanni)

Solvanni’s app integrates forecasting and demand planning for sales, marketing, business units, customers, distributors, operations, finance, and executive management. Featuring best-in-class, industry-proven demand management, this app enables automatic collaboration both within the organization and externally. Achieve an organizational-wide consensus demand plan that drives all downstream and upstream supply planning processes.

Semiconductor Pipeline to Revenue Projections (Solvanni)

Solvanni’s app enables users to forecast revenues and gaps, and design win-target settings based on growth and decline of “legacy” revenue and “new” design wins. Revenue ramp profiles are normalized to design win date and design win lifetime value across all historical design registrations and pipeline funnel.

Long-term Capacity Planning

Anaplan’s Long-Term Capacity Planning app allows you to find the right balance between the demand forecasts and the asset and material requirements that are communicated towards the supply chain. The app enables enterprises to focus on cost reduction and maximize contribution by optimizing the use of existing production facilities.

Learning Apps

Data Hub

Centralize your data for consistency across apps as a part of integrated business planning. Store the master data (product Hierarchy, customer Hierarchy, etc) that is common across multiple apps to synchronize master data across apps through pre-built imports and standardize the structure and naming of lists across apps. With a global overview of your apps, you can now manage the apps that need to be synchronized with the latest version of your lists and data.

Dynamic Charting

This learning app teaches model builders how to add the Dynamic Charting functionality to their models.

Data Aggregation (Plan Rocket)

Plan Rocket Consulting created a guide to help users as they work to make data transformations better suit their Anaplan modeling needs. Common uses include disaggregation of codes, identifying specific numbers within dates, and mapping codes to other lists.

Numbered Lists (Plan Rocket)

Plan Rocket Consulting created this app as a guide to update and modify numbered lists in projects. This app will help users understand the differences between numbered and normal lists, and provide detailed explanations as to when actions related to numbered lists should be used.

Just for fun: Don’t forget to try the Wimbledon Predictor and Euro 2016 Predictor Apps for fun!

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