Accenture Strategy improves planning and forecasting for its customers with Anaplan

enterprise performance management (EPM) strategy

Accenture Strategy, a leading global professional services company that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operational services and solutions, faced several challenges in its enterprise performance management (EPM) strategy. The EPM strategy division at Accenture focuses on planning, budgeting, and forecasting software for its customers, and one of the key challenges their customers were facing was inefficient forecasting. Their customers needed the ability to analyze and interpret data to develop insights for better business decision-making.

Prior to the Anaplan implementation, Accenture’s customers were using hundreds of different spreadsheets, which led to a lot of room for human error and time-consuming processes. In addition to increasing data accuracy, Accenture’s customers were looking for speed-based certainty of an EPM solution development—and Anaplan was the ideal solution. Some of the key benefits that Accenture’s customers have experienced since implementing Anaplan’s Smart Business Platform include:

  • Speed. Anaplan has helped Accenture and their customers to move away from long design timeframes.
  • Flexibility. Anaplan has given Accenture and their customers the ability to make changes to models and reports on-the-fly.
  • Transparency. With Anaplan, Accenture’s customers can easily see what the solution calculates and read the results in real time.

Anaplan was able to provide Accenture’s clients with a platform that was agile, flexible, and scalable. “The reason why Anaplan is key to us—and the reason why we partner with Anaplan—is because they offer adaptive agility and effectiveness for our clients,” said Tim Kelly, MD at Accenture Strategy.

Watch the video to see the full Accenture Strategy story.

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