Analyst Insight: Takeaways from the Constellation Shortlist™


Chris Stevenson

Product Marketing Director

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John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, and Danny DeVito are not the stars of this A-list; instead, Anaplan shares the spotlight in a leading role. Anaplan is honored to be recognized on the Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud-Based Performance Management for Q3 2018. Since our founding, we always aspired to serve our customers to meet their action items during drama-filled workdays. We want to thank everyone at the Academy (er, Constellation) for acknowledging our work. We appreciate our customers and our business partners for helping make this possible.

According to Constellation Research, cloud-based performance management (PM) systems support budgeting, planning, forecasting, modeling, analysis, reporting, financial consolidation, and regulatory reporting.

The ShortList threshold criteria and how Anaplan delivered

For PM solutions, Constellation considered the following criteria:

  • Rapid deployment and configuration of multi-tenant services. With all data on the cloud since its inception, the multi-tenanted Anaplan platform sets up a new planning instance within hours vs. days.
  • Agile budgeting, planning, and forecasting capabilities. Anaplan’s primary concern is connecting financial and operational plans across the enterprise. Changes to the demand forecast are not only immediately reflected in the supply plan, but also in working capital requirements and revenue projections. Using in-memory architecture, Anaplan can react and create a new plan in near real-time.
  • Flexible modeling capabilities. Anaplan provides self-service modeling on a flexible platform that can support enterprise-wide use cases and scale for growth. Models are elastic and built to align to your unique business processes rather than forcing you to adapt to the confines of a boxed application. Models can quickly and easily adjust to changing organizational structures, product hierarchies, and expanding markets.
  • Rich data analysis and reporting tools. Anaplan provides an intuitive and interactive interface to measure and monitor business performance for viewers and decision makers with no separation of planning, performance reporting, and dashboarding. Embedded statistical modeling capabilities allow financial analysts to create reliable baseline forecasts directly from historical data without a third-party tool.

Anaplan is proud of this achievement. When you’re looking to award your planning software needs, consider a vendor that’s ERP-agnostic, works with internal and external data sources, and uses an in-memory OLAP engine to calculate and model with none of the stress and tension of the film. Anaplan meets the casting criteria with a single platform for workforce planning, finance, supply chain management, and sales performance management. This is the power of a Connected Planning platform.

Go grab some popcorn, view the list, and look forward to many more Anaplan appearances in Constellation ShortList™ sequels.