Recognizing Anaplan’s 2024 partner award winners



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Please join us in congratulating our FY24 (2023–2024) award winners.

We continue to be humbled and impressed by the work every one of our partners has done over the past year, and we are especially pleased to recognize a few specific partners with our annual Partner Awards. 

This year’s winners exemplify a customer-first mentality. They have delivered outsized business value, are trusted partners to our customers, have demonstrated expertise through specialization badging, and have consistently delivered the insight and support needed to gain true operational agility.

Our global and regional awards recognize partners who have consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results. They have shown exemplary performance throughout the year, exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks for success.

Global Partner of the Year and APAC Partner of the Year – Deloitte

Deloitte Logo
Anaplan Global Partner of the Year 2023-24 Logo
Anaplan Regional Partner of the Year APAC 2023-24 Logo

With innovative solutions, leading industry expertise, and a wealth of strategic services, Deloitte has consistently played a key role in helping our customers succeed. In the past year, Deloitte continued to be a significant, global contributor to our mutual business, including securing 29 new enterprise customers. The company delivered outsized value to Anaplan customers last year and continues to invest in the development of their Anaplan practice. We are especially excited to celebrate Deloitte’s 10th consecutive year as our Global Partner of the Year!

“Deloitte is honored to be named Anaplan's Global Partner of the Year for the tenth consecutive time as well as the APAC Regional Partner. Together, Deloitte and Anaplan have driven transformative outcomes and proven connected decision-making value for hundreds of global clients. The Anaplan platform has been a key enabler of the dynamic business modeling capabilities our clients rely on to rapidly assess markets and make informed choices. We're excited to continue collaborating with Anaplan to develop market-leading, industry-specific solutions leveraging AI/ML for enhanced planning and decisions.”  – Ed Majors, Principal | Global Chief Commercial Officer, Anaplan Alliance, Deloitte.

AMER Partner of the Year – TruEd Consulting

TruED Company Logo
Anaplan Regional Partner of the Year AMER 2023-24 Logo

TruEd Consulting is a company that helps higher education institutions develop cloud-based planning, forecasting, and budgeting solutions. They are an exclusive Anaplan partner that offers financial management strategies and analytics. TruEd's goal is to help higher education institutions improve their financial management and operational execution by making better decisions faster. TruEd has been a major contributor to Anaplan growth in the public sector, leading more than 20 new customers through their connected planning journeys with Anaplan in 2023.  

“Tru is 100% Anaplan and 100% higher ed and public sector, and to be recognized for our impact to Anaplan's growth is incredibly rewarding. This award is a tribute to the dedication of our Tru team to execute our promise to deliver excellence and our partnerships with our clients, the Anaplan public sector team and the partner alliance team.” – Mela Fezzey, CEO & Sr. Managing Partner, TruEd Consulting

EMEA Partner of the Year – Bedford Consulting

Bedford Consulting logo
Anaplan Regional Partner of the Year EMEA 2023-24 Logo

Bedford Consulting is a company that helps businesses make better decisions by connecting their planning processes. They specialize in IT consulting services, including project implementation, software sales, and Connected Planning for Anaplan software. Since becoming an Anaplan partner, they have helped businesses like Jaguar Land Rover, MindGym, and ADVANZ Pharma — as well as more than 40 new customers in the last year alone — leverage advanced data and scenario modeling capabilities to operate effectively in the face of uncertainty and change. 

“On behalf of the team at Bedford Consulting, I would like to thank our partners at Anaplan for this special recognition. The EMEA Regional Partner of the Year is an award we are immensely proud to receive and a testament to the depth of our partnership. The Anaplan ecosystem is a special one, and we greatly appreciate your ongoing collaboration in this our thirteenth year of partnership. And I believe the best is yet to come!”  – Cathal Doyle, CEO, Bedford Consulting.

Trailblazer Partner of the Year – Valantic

Valantic Consulting logo
Anaplan Trailblazer Partner of the Year 2023-24 Logo

This award recognizes a partner who has truly led the way through change with Anaplan, embracing joint go-to-market efforts to elevate customer value realization. Valantic is a digital solutions, consulting, and software company that offers information technology consultancy services for the automotive, banking, trading, building sector, pharmaceuticals, and retail sectors. Valantic has specifically been a key partner in the central EMEA region, collaborating to embrace change and partner closely with the Anaplan sales organization.

"Gratitude to Anaplan for an exceptional five-year journey filled with successful collaboration and triumphs. We deeply appreciate the recognition and the esteemed Partner of the Year award. A special thank you to Michael Wieland and Dayne Turbitt for their steadfast support, driving us to better ourselves every day. Here's to continued success and flourishing partnerships ahead!" – Marc Philipp, Partner/Managing Director, Valantic.

Innovator Partner of the Year – Bluecrux

Bluecrux logo
Anaplan Innovator Partner of the Year 2023-24 Logo

This award recognizes a pioneer partner who has worked with us to think outside the box and bring new solutions together to our customers. Bluecrux is a technology and value chain consulting company that was founded in 2011. Their services include software solutions and consulting services that help transform supply chains into efficient and integrated value chains. Together with their expertise and collaboration, we enabled a leading digital supply chain and freight platform customer to rapidly implement Anaplan, utilizing our supply chain applications.

“At Bluecrux, innovation runs deep in our DNA. Since the start of our partnership with Anaplan in 2017, we've always been pushing forward, striving to elevate supply chain planning to unprecedented levels. Through collaborative innovation with Anaplan and our clients, we've consistently delivered on our commitment to offer top-notch quality and this award is a testament to the outstanding contributions made by our entire team!” – Marjolein Cuypers, Director Anaplan Practice, Bluecrux.

Rising Star Partner of the Year – Anavate Partners

Anavate Partners logo
Anaplan Rising Star Partner of the Year 2023-24 Logo

This award recognizes a partner that has embraced Anaplan’s breadth of products to ensure customer value realization, with exceptional growth and standout performance overall. Anavate Partners is a software consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in cloud-based planning and forecasting solutions. Anavate has driven exemplary growth with Anaplan in the last year, including a key win with a Fortune 500 company that provides electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.

"Since day one at Anavate, our mission has been to invest more than any of our peers into the success of our clients and the success of Anaplan's vision across the enterprise. Every ounce of our growth has come from doing exactly that by aligning with the goals of our executive clients and enabling them, and their teams, to 'Face the Future First.’ For that reason, we are thrilled to accept the 2023 Rising Star Partner of the Year Award and even more driven to sustain the momentum this accolade recognizes into next year." – Tristan Gaynor, Managing Partner, Anavate Partners

Please join us in congratulating each of our Partner of the Year award winners for delivering exemplary value to businesses around the world in 2023!

Anaplan is proud to partner with the world’s leading experts to drive the power of Connected Planning.