You Asked, We Answered: “Select All” In Boolean Formatting

By Jill King

January 9, 2014

In our series “You Asked, We Answered” we address questions that pop up often on our Community page. Question: If I have a Property on a list or a line item that is in a Boolean format, is there a way to do a "select all" of the items? Answer: Yes! Just highlight the column with the Boolean format and hit the space bar – and voila, all of the items will be checked. To unselect all of them just hit the space bar again, making sure that the column is highlighted first).

Jill King

Jill King, President and CEO at Twelve Consulting Group Jill has 9+ years leading Accounting and Finance initiatives within large enterprises including United Health Group, CarVal Investors and UBS Global Asset Management. Jill is an expert in building automated and efficient financial models across a broad set of use cases.

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