Four key priorities to reinvigorate your go-to-market planning



The platform for orchestrating performance.

Go-to-market (GTM) planning is a critical exercise for tech companies, driving synchronization across revenue operations teams such as sales, marketing, customer success, partner, and professional services l to fuel intelligent decision making and profitable growth. Yet, despite its importance, many organizations find themselves grappling with a lack of clarity that makes it difficult to lock down planning until well into their sales and marketing cycles. However, by adopting an agile approach to planning, with a solution like Anaplan, companies can streamline GTM planning and achieve greater alignment with their enterprise growth objectives.

Priority 1: Define your "North Star" 

At the outset, it's crucial to establish clear business objectives that align with your company's growth trajectory. Anaplan's GTM planning solution enables organizations to articulate and disseminate these objectives effectively across all levels of the company, ensuring that every team member understands their role in driving towards shared goals. Whether it's achieving increased pipeline, increased customer engagement and satisfaction, specific revenue targets or expanding market presence, Anaplan provides the visibility and alignment needed to keep everyone focused on the "North Star."

Priority 2: Let planning drive strategy

Anaplan's platform facilitates early planning by providing a proven framework that guides organizations through the entire planning process in a centralized and collaborative hub. By starting early, companies can avoid the pitfalls of last-minute scrambles and ensure that all stakeholders have sufficient time to contribute meaningfully to the planning process. With Anaplan, organizations can map out their GTM strategy well in advance, leverage modeling and scenario planning and AI, allowing for ample time for refinement and adjustment as market conditions evolve.

Priority 3: Use insights to take action

Anaplan's GTM solution enables organizations to plan in an agile manner, ensuring alignment across all aspects of the GTM engine. From coverage models to market segmentation, and from incentives to forecasting, Anaplan simplifies end-to-end planning. It brings speed, agility, flexibility, and precision to your planning processes while empowering business users to work more independently of data analysts and IT.

Step 4: Enable collaboration and communication 

Effective communication is key to successful GTM planning, and Anaplan's platform facilitates seamless communication across all levels of the organization. With Anaplan workflow, companies can ensure that stakeholders are kept informed of any changes or updates to the GTM plan, reducing the risk of confusion or resistance to change. Additionally, Anaplan's robust change management capabilities empower organizations to monitor and track the adoption of new GTM strategies, enabling swift intervention and the ability to pivot their course of action if deviations occur.

Anaplan's GTM planning solution plays a crucial role in streamlining the annual go-to-market planning process for technology companies. By following a agile four-step approach and leveraging Anaplan's advanced capabilities, organizations can ensure greater alignment with their growth objectives and drive more efficient go-to-market strategies. With Anaplan, GTM planning becomes not just a yearly exercise but a continuous journey towards sustained growth and success.

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