Guru Support – Quick Time Saving Tip

By Anaplan

November 12, 2012

Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Solutions ArchitectTop-notch SupportIn recent weeks I have transitioned from the Presales team building prototypes to the Support and Professional Services Team assisting our existing customers and it really got me to thinking about Support.  When I was first learning Excel, I had to rely on my colleagues to get my questions answered.  I was limited in expanding my skills by what my colleagues knew.  Sure, I could have gone to Excel training but I was already working long hours and certainly couldn’t fit in training to my schedule.  I could have Googled my question and tried to sift through the hundreds of answers that came up.  But generally, when I had a question about a formula or how best to design my process, I really would have liked to call up an expert or click a link and started a chat to get my question answered quickly and easily.Anaplan SolutionIf you are working in Anaplan and have a question, there are 3 ways to get a hold of a Guru: Call the support line, send an email or start a chat.  The Gurus can address any questions: design questions, formula help, technical assistance, etc… An analyst doesn’t have to sit and spin their wheels trying to come up with the correct answer.  They can reach out to an expert and get help on the spot, making the analyst much more efficient and productive.