Hub 2015 event preview: Is your company unstoppable?

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Where can you find industry leaders sharing information and insight about the latest breakthroughs in business planning? At the Anaplan Hub 2015 general session in San Francisco, of course. Industry leaders from Aviva, Constellation Research, DocuSign, HP, McAfee, ServiceSource, Tribune Media, and VMWare will discuss how planning that never stops helps their enterprises stay one step ahead of market opportunity.

Opening session highlights at-a-glance include:

Fireside chat: HP, McAfee, and Aviva

Anaplan customers discuss the many cross-functional uses of the Anaplan planning cloud across their organizations.

Planning never stops. Be unstoppable.

Anaplan CEO Frederic Laluyaux talks about Anaplan’s vision for the evolution of business planning and speaks with innovative customers such as VMWare about how they are achieving rapid time to value.

Ray Wang on the future of work

Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and CEO of Constellation Research chats with Anaplan CEO Frederic Laluyaux about how the digitalization of the enterprise is changing the face of work and enables the enterprise to focus on strategy and revenue opportunity.

CIO panel: Constellation Research, DocuSign, Tribune Media, and ServiceSource

Industry veterans discuss the next milestones we should be looking toward to further transform work and decision-making across the enterprise.

The future of Anaplan

What’s on the horizon for Anaplan? Anaplan leaders will provide exclusive insight and take attendees on a tour of upcoming technology enhancements. Don’t miss it!

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