Hub 2015 San Francisco: Why you can’t miss Anaplan hands-on training

Hub 2015 San Francisco: Why you can’t miss Anaplan hands-on training

Take your planning skills to the next level at Anaplan Hub 2015. Besides hearing from the best minds in business planning, you have the opportunity to attend in-person Anaplan hands-on training and fine-tune your capabilities so you can plan, collaborate, and act quickly across your business. Whether you are new to Anaplan or a seasoned model builder, these interactive sessions will help you become an unstoppable Anaplanner.

On the final day of Hub 2015 in San Francisco, on Wednesday May 20, get the most value from your cloud-based planning platform by attending one of the following hands-on training sessions.

Fundamentals Lab: The perfect starting point to help you begin building or modifying Anaplan models

  • Discover the basics of model building by participating in a guided build
  • Understand the structure and logic behind Anaplan
  • Create lists, modules, and dashboards
  • Be on your way to Anaplan Certification

If you are new to Anaplan, or a businessperson who wants to gain hands-on model building expertise, you have to understand not only the data you see, but also how the data got there, and the power of Anaplan to model it in different ways. Fundamentals Lab gives you that expertise, so you can plan, collaborate, and act more quickly as you ramp up on Anaplan.

Advanced Anaplanner: Work with instructors to increase your model building skills and get immediate feedback

  • Learn advanced modeling functions in Anaplan, such as numbered lists and conditional formatting
  • Understand how to get data into Anaplan via import and mapping processes
  • Control synchronization of dashboard elements
  • Design a model with top-down, bottom-up hierarchies

Ready to expand into a new model? Need to take your Anaplanning to the next level? Are you getting ready to help another team try Anaplan in their area of your organization? If you have successfully completed Anaplan fundamentals training and want to increase your model building credibility, this is the session for you.

Anaplan Center of Excellence forum: Get the opportunity to learn directly from Anaplan consultants—space is limited to 40 advanced Anaplanner attendees

  • Ask our panel of consultant experts questions around design, model management, data integration, and other best practices
  • Participate in an exclusive gathering of Anaplan knowledge
  • Learn from the “who’s who” of internal Anaplan consultants

As an experienced Anaplanner who has successfully completed both fundamentals and advanced training, the Center of Excellence forum is for you. This session will help you get ready to fully realize a complete set of Anaplan best practices at your organization and help you start thinking about establishing an Anaplan Center of Excellence to support all your Anaplan efforts.

Knowing where you’ve been is good, but seeing what is possible is invaluable. Join us for Anaplan Hub 2015 so you can hear, discover, and learn best practices from industry leaders and planning experts. Register today so you don’t miss out.

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