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The Importance of the Candidate Experience at Anaplan

Lianne Gong

Sr. Recruiter

Currently there is a big focus by companies on the importance of a job seeker’s experience—all the touch points a candidate might experience on the path to being hired. This includes everything from the job posting to the initial phone screen to the on-boarding process—not to mention the consistency and experience of the company’s brand values across the channels a job seeker interacts with. The value that a thoughtful candidate experience brings to a company is extremely powerful. A poor candidate experience can ruin an employment opportunity with an otherwise great company. On the other hand, a great candidate experience has the power to give a company that competitive advantage in the hiring market place.

I don’t believe there are enough truly “positive” candidate experiences out there. In my own past job searches, I can’t even begin to count the lack of communication, lack of answers, and lack of genuine “care” for my candidacy. Any offers I received, my preference almost always went to the company that provided me with the best overall interview experience – the one where the recruiter was responsive and kept me informed, where the managers were very informative and interactive, and where I felt I was being treated like a human being rather than a “just another resume.”

To me, the definition of “candidate experience” is how a company (and its recruiters) approach the recruiting process – how they interact with the candidate, how the candidate feels throughout the process, and ultimately how that all affects the candidate’s decision-making process. I firmly believe that recruiters have the power to influence an applicant’s attitude towards the company. They are, after all, the first “face” of the company an applicant comes in contact with.

At Anaplan, we strive to live by our Core Values – Disruption, Speed, Integrity, Accountability – and we build this into everything we do, including the candidate experience.

1) Disruption. We do things differently. Our recruiters will respond and we will have conversations about your job search, unlike the typical Q&A session of a normal interview process!

2) Speed. Regardless of the outcome, our recruiters will be sure to communicate with you in a timely manner… every time.

3) Integrity. Our recruiters strive to be the best in the industry. We want to make this process worthwhile for you and for Anaplan. We will be honest and forthcoming in everything we do.

4) Accountability. Our goal is a GREAT candidate experience. Whether or not you get hired, we want to hear from you! Let us know how we are doing; we are always open to advice.

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