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In Las Vegas, finance bets big on connected planning

Anna Miller

Product Marketing Manager

Underpinning the glittering casinos, swanky cocktail lounges, and world-class restaurants in Las Vegas is the anticipation of success. In Vegas, success can linger around every turn: trying a new restaurant, being a VIP for a night, or winning big at roulette.

When the glitter fades away and time runs dry, and the city’s visitors journey back home, their empty pockets are filled with the echoes of crushed dreams or wallets that brim with the profits of success. In reality, the hope of success transcends city limits and pocket aces.

Whether you came to Vegas for business or to attend this year’s Anaplan Hub, success can look very different. In the business world, success—defining it, achieving it, sustaining it, and improving it—is a product of comprehensive planning, insightful strategy, and intuitive decision-making.

Achieving success in a competitive business world isn’t dependent on a throw of the dice.

Success was a key theme reinforced throughout this year’s Hub conference, notably within the finance track. One after the other, speakers from diverse companies and industries passionately shared their stories, roadmaps, and lessons learned along the road to success.

Putting all the cards on the table

Speakers from Unum, Molson Coors, Micro Focus International, Cerner Corporation, Israel Chemical Limited, Abilene Christian University, and many others shared how their organizations successfully took business performance to new heights with the Anaplan platform.

Many times, it was shared, the journey to finance transformation started with a desire to change something small that could, in turn, revolutionize the entire planning process. For Unum Group, it found that its journey evolved past the tip of the iceberg (its FP&A department) to the entire iceberg as well (the organization).

As different company leaders shared, making changes to business environments and processes can be a challenge. In fact, addressing and adapting to the needs of change management was reported as one of the most critical components of success. Even so, replacing manual and familiar technology with the Anaplan platform translated into an opportunity to instill confidence and excitement in the finance team.

The rewards, all of the leaders shared in unanimity, have been fruitful: From 12-week roll-outs to expanding the platform to thousands of business users, session after session uncovered the ways in which the Anaplan platform can provide an answer to myriad business needs and objectives—providing the insightful, real-time analytics the entire business can benefit from.

Sweetening the pot

Supplementing the insights and best practices from our customers and partners were the hands-on training sessions, in-depth networking opportunities, and presentations on ground-breaking Anaplan features and capabilities—all cited as inspiration for seizing the potential of connected planning.

Connected planning technology empowers the finance function through a powerful set of planning and analytical capabilities that haven’t been seen before. In the video below, Kevin Booth, Senior Director of Business Transformation at Anaplan, leads a highly popular Hub session exploring Anaplan’s capabilities for CFOs and finance departments.