[Infographic] Is Your Enterprise Sales Plan Making or Breaking Your Sales Team?

By Anaplan

October 1, 2014

Managing unplanned commissions, struggling to map the right reps on the right accounts, and difficulty forecasting your coverage gaps—does this sound like your sales planning? For most organizations, sales planning is a costly, siloed process involving several years’ worth of disparate data. Although these companies complete the sales planning process before the fiscal year starts, that does not translate to on-time quota delivery. This in turn leads to sales attrition, negatively impacting revenue targets for the year. So what should your enterprise sales plan look like? In a report delivered by SiriusDecisions, over 400 sales executives were surveyed worldwide to gather their thoughts on sales planning and impacts on rep productivity. Among several actionable insights, there was one critical takeaway throughout the survey results; your sales performance unavoidably depends on effective planning and efficient execution. Benchmark your process against the survey results and discover if your enterprise sales plan makes or breaks your sales team. Check out the infographic below for key sales planning insights from the survey. While you’re at it, download the full report to learn how your sales planning process stacks up against your peers’. Anaplan_Sirius_Decisions_Survey_2014_Infographic Topic: Sales Planning


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