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Jumpstart your Anaplan adoption with our Learning apps

Obaid Ghani

Apps Manager

Want to sharpen your Anaplan skills? Then check out our Learning apps in the App Hub.

Anaplan’s Learning apps serve as a reference guide to popular formulas, features, and modeling best practices used regularly in Anaplan. These apps allow you to see specific layouts and examples of a function, feature, or model design in action. Whether you are building apps from scratch or tailoring your existing models, Learning apps can serve as guidelines or examples to help you build faster and better models.

Some of our newest Learning apps include Time Filters, Incentive Compensation Enablement, and Trigonometry Functions—we detail their features below.

Time Filters

Looking to increase the usage and performance of your Anaplan models? Use this app to understand the best way to easily apply time filters to modules. The Time Filters app teaches Anaplanners how to use a centralized filter module to set dashboards to show only month, quarter, total year, and/or combinations.

Incentive Compensation Enablement

Leverage modeling best practices for incentive compensation plan design with the Incentive Compensation Enablement app. This app demonstrates how to leverage multi-dimensionality to allow the model to scale as employees and plans are added and modified throughout the fiscal year. This app also has its own unique data hub (you can download here) where data from a fictional electronics retailer is used to illustrate typical compensation plan structures.

Trigonometry Functions

No need to dust off your vintage graphing calculator. The Trigonometry Functions app explains how to build sine (SIN), cosine (COS), and tangent (TAN) graphs in Anaplan. This is particularly helpful in forecasting datasets that follow harmonic cycles. For example, retail stores calculating sales during holiday seasons or bike shops factoring how changes in weather will impact sales can take advantage of this feature.

Visit the App Hub to see all the Learning apps available for download.