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Learn how you can lead change in your finance department at Hub17

Meredith Hobik

Head of Finance Solutions

Finance drives the business. However, many financial departments are unable to keep up with the required pace of change. Speed, precision, and alignment are required to drive effective financial planning. By optimizing plans, companies are able to solve complex planning and modeling problems, forecast accurately, reduce planning time cycle, and propel future growth—ultimately, connected financial planning is the key to success.

The finance track at Hub17 provides an opportunity to learn more about how you can build a strong connected planning ecosystem at your company. This year’s track will feature sessions for wherever you are on your Anaplan journey.

New to Anaplan

  • Anaplan for Finance: Overview and Roadmap. Kick off your Anaplan for Finance journey by listening to Anaplan’s Head of Finance Solutions, Meredith Hobik, as she provides an overview of Anaplan’s finance solutions and highlights product changes.
  • Connected Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting With a Long-Range Plan. Learn how to expand from planning, budgeting, and forecasting to long-range planning by connecting Anaplan’s Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting solution with the newly released Long-Range Planning app.
  • Enterprise Panel. Discover how financial leaders at DaVita, Seagate Technology, and Yahoo leveraged Anaplan to enable their finance teams to manage a more diverse set of data and make strategic decisions quickly.
  • Hypergrowth Panel. Dive into how Sunrun, PSAV, and Anaplan implemented the Anaplan platform in their hypergrowth environments to enable effective decision-making by increasing flexibility and aligning with the business.

Returning customers

  • Creating Value Through Cost Savings With Zero-Based Budgeting at Kellogg Company.Find out how Eric Tabor, Director of Global Information Technology for Finance at Kellogg Company, implemented zero-based budgeting with Anaplan to reduce costs, increase profits, and maximize consumer value.
  • Activity-Based Costing for Product Cost Detail at GM Financial. Uncover new ways to forecast and cost products with Brian Mastropiero, Assistant Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at GM Financial. Learn how Anaplan enables his team to access more detailed analytics and processing power without compromising size or performance.

Advanced customers

  • Building Free Cash Flow to Support Finance Transformation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Stop by James Myers’ session to learn how the FP&A Worldwide Finance team at HPE enables functional owners to forecast, model, review, and take action on a real-time basis. Their implementation enables them to drive organizational accountability through world-class cash-flow software.
  • Reporting Tips and Tricks for Finance and HR. Join Anaplan solutions experts Patrick Caruso and Brian Corcoran to learn more about advanced reporting topics.
  • Anaplan Reporting With Alternate Hierarchies: How to Use Them and Why You Need Them. Understand how you can build fixed reporting on alternate hierarchy views and visualize hierarchy changes dynamically.

Interested in learning how you can expand your Anaplan implementation beyond finance? Check out the detailed agenda and sign up to join us at Hub17.