Learning apps: Your resource for tailoring the best apps for your business

What can an app do for you? For consumer apps, the answer is anything and everything. But the same concept can be applied to businesses too. With myriad business apps ready for use, you can solve complex, time-consuming business problems—and you don’t have to be in IT. This is all possible with the Anaplan App Hub.

In business, everyone needs to plan. But not everyone understands the planning models they use to run their business, because the formulas may be buried within cells of disparate spreadsheets. The Anaplan App Hub is changing all of that. We’re empowering everyday business users to quickly understand and tailor the formulas and functions used in powerful business planning apps.

The App Hub is your go-to source for unstoppable planning because you can modify the formulas and data structures of the apps to perfectly fit your business. Provision an app in seconds. Open the model map to see the data elements and how they are connected. Click on a blueprint to visually scan all the formulas. With no coding required, you can quickly modify the data structure, change the formulas, and even add new data elements and dashboards.

Tailor the best apps for your business with learning apps

But how do you tailor these apps to meet your specific, complex needs? We’re giving you real-time cheat sheets with our learning apps. Learning apps deliver you live examples of how to use formulas & functions, how to build models and, best of all, how you can tailor any aspect of your planning apps.

For example, we’re providing you with a deep dive into formulas and functions to further your skills as a citizen developer. From lookups to linear regressions, our new learning apps have you covered. Your resource for tailoring the best apps for your business is here.

Check out the new learning apps for formulas and functions, linear regression analysis, and general model building in the App Hub. Continue reading for a closer look into our newest apps:

Formulas & Functions app helps you build faster

The Formulas & Functions app is a reference guide to many of the popular formulas and commands regularly within Anaplan. Get this learning app to see layouts and an example of each formula and function in action. Whether you are building planning apps from scratch or tailoring your existing plans, the Formulas & Functions app will give you examples to help you build faster.

Linear Regression made simple

Need to evaluate a market trend, forecast demand or predict sales? Our Linear Regression app may be the tool for you. This learning app demonstrates how you can do simple linear regression analysis in Anaplan. You have an option to simply input your X and Y values in a dashboard or you can copy the calculation modules and formulas into your own model.

Modeling Examples app provides better understanding of capabilities

Need a model for how to model? The Model Examples learning app includes model examples for allocations, currency conversions, variance reporting, revenue recognition, and much more. Gain a better understanding of Anaplan’s modeling capabilities and leverage these examples to improve the efficiency of your own models.