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Making person-to-person connections at Hub

Simon Tucker

Chief Planning Officer

I have a device called Rachio that controls the sprinklers in my yard. It’s not one of those old-fashioned timers that grinds out a 24-hour clock, nor one of the primitive electronic models that only a genius can set up. Rachio is connected to the Internet, so I use my iPhone to schedule when and how much the plants get watered. Because it gets weather information from online, Rachio automatically adjusts for changes—so when a heatwave hits, it extends the watering time. And every so often it emails me—”Hey Simon, the seasons are changing so we’re adjusting your sprinklers”—and I can say yes or no to the changes. It took me 10 minutes to install the Rachio a couple of years ago, and since then it has saved me hours of time, countless hassles, and, I suspect, spared the lives of dozens of plants.

Rachio has friends in my house: a couple of Nest devices, a smart lighting system, and an Amazon Echo. Because these devices talk with each other, and because my phone has a proximity sensor—aka a “geo-fence”—they know when I’m on my way home. The lights come on and the Nest adjusts the temperature so it’s comfortable when I arrive. These systems work together, resulting in a level of intelligence that is greater than the sum of their parts.

That’s analogous to connected planning: When you link data, people, and plans together, the result is more intelligence and greater value than any siloed system could possibly deliver. It’s also analogous to Hub 2018, our annual conference, scheduled for March 5-7 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas: Attendees find that great value and intelligence arises when they come together, share experiences, and meet face-to-face with people they’ve only chatted with in the Anaplan Community. One reason I enjoy Hub, other than the incredible conversations I have with our customers and partners, is that I can help others make connections—customers with partners, customers with other customers, prospects with customers, and so on—everyone can share experiences in a neutral environment. This is hugely valuable for all parties concerned.

Person-to-person connections occur in general sessions and breakouts, of course, but they’re particularly rich at Hub2018’s many networking events. I’d like to tell you about some of the opportunities we have planned for this year.

  • Welcome reception at Topgolf: This virtual golf center features hitting bays where you can practice your stroke and compete against friends. We have two floors of Topgolf reserved on Monday evening, March 5, and the virtual golf is on Anaplan. Start working on your swing now.
  • Birds-of-a-feather lunches: At lunchtime one day, many tables will be marked with Anaplan solution areas of finance, sales, and supply chain. The next day, tables will be labeled by industry, including financial services, retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing, and telecommunications and media. If you want to bounce ideas off your peers, you’ll easily find each other at these birds-of-a-feather lunch tables.
  • Cocktail reception: After the sessions conclude on March 6, we’ll gather in the Expo Hall for drinks and conversation. This is a great opportunity to seek out presenters from your favorite breakout sessions, ask follow-up questions, and swap contact info. (The Hub app will also help with one-to-one networking, so download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store during the week of February 26.)
  • Diversity Lunch: On Wednesday, March 7, we’re holding Anaplan’s first Diversity Lunch. All are welcome to this special program, but seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Details will be posted on the Hub agenda builder.
  • Closing party at Jewel Nightclub: After the last breakout has ended, head to the Jewel Nightclub—right in the Aria Hotel, the venue for Hub—for food, drinks, more conversation, and a chance to relax. (For a preview, check out this 360-degree virtual tour.) Our Hub planning team has plenty of fun and surprises in store, so this promises to be a memorable evening.

The agenda builder on the Hub 2018 website lists the 100+ sessions we’re assembling just for you. It also includes information about our networking opportunities. I hope you’ll seek me out and say hello, because I’ll be at all of these events. Alas, my Nest and Rachio probably already know this, and are planning parties of their own while I’m away.

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