Incentive Compensation Management Planning and Optimization

Define the right incentive compensation plan for every sales rep and maximize your sales results with Anaplan Incentive Compensation Planning and Optimization. Using data from Salesforce, you can model, manage and pay complex comp plans in real-time.

  • Align incentive compensation plans across territories, quotas and capacity to maximize results
  • Instantly model changes in assumptions, products and conversion rates
  • Calculate and pay incentives efficiently and accurately

From quota and territory setting, sales crediting, commission and bonus calculations, reporting, modeling, all the way through to analytics Anaplan makes your sales and incentive compensation plans smarter.

Using data from Salesforce and your Financial system, Anaplan Incentive Compensation Planning and Optimization (ICPO) helps you maximize your revenue by defining the right comp plans for every sales rep. Taking into account the complex variances in territories, products and experience, you can model, manage and pay sales compensation with plans tailored to sales rep’s and manager’s roles.

With the intuitive spreadsheet-like interface, sales operations teams can easily model based on actuals, forecasted revenue, or trends, with the results translated into sales compensation plans that help drive desired sales rep behaviors.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimize your commissions to drive more top-line revenue
  • Ensure accurate commission calculation
  • Quickly determine the effect of proposed business changes on sales comp

Are you a Salesforce user? Incentive Compensation Planning is also available on the AppExchange.

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