Rapid-Fire Q&A: Michel Morel, Our New Head of Applications


We are thrilled to welcome our newest DISRUPTOR to Anaplan – Michel Morel!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Michel over the course of several months before he started – a benefit of my role!  Now that it’s official, we want to share the great news with others.  To get us started, Michel and I sat down had chatted about what it means to him to join Anaplan and spread our Disruption to others.

Take a read – you are going to like what you see!  We sure do! Take it away Michel:

1.   In one word, how would you describe Anaplan?


2.   How is Anaplan a disruptor?

It has an incredibility smart and versatile technology that allow users to model virtually any business. Dozens of independents, ad-hoc systems can be replaced by a single platform. You just need a browser and an internet access…. There are millions of uses cases for Anaplan.

3.   What most excites you about Anaplan?

The concept of applications, a different way to market planning The team The prospect of taking the market by storm

4.   Why is the market ready for a shift?

Customers are not satisfied with current planning and business modeling solutions – except maybe very specialized ones. They’re tired of making compromises.

5.   Why are you a disruptor?

I love thinking about how a technology shift can transform a business process. Take consolidation as an example: for years, the problem has been how to make the consolidation batch faster. With Anaplan, no batch anymore – everything is real time.

6.   Who is your favorite superhero?

Indiana Jones – Is he a super hero ? Not sure…

7.   You have a teleporter that can travel to any time, anywhere – so, where to?

2 places: On earth, Tahiti, to avoid the long trip, and the moon to watch the earth from there.

8.   Is the book always better than the movie?

Not always, you can dream more reading a book, but the visual impact of a movie can transform good stories in great ones.

9.   Sun or snow?

Snow definitely. Skiing is my favorite sport. French alps, but I’d love to ski in the US: Tahoe…

10.  What is playing on your iPod right now?

Lou Reed this week.

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