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Webinar recap: Speed decision-making with MuleSoft and Anaplan

Nitesh Arora

Senior Director, Product Marketing and Strategy

In these uncertain times, unprecedented large-scale change is the new reality that many organizations must face. To help businesses adapt and find new ways of working, Anaplan and MuleSoft recently delivered a joint webinar about how to ensure business continuity and enable fast, informed decision-making as teams pivot.

Struggles of keeping pace with rapid change

Organizations across every industry are under pressure to enact massive transformation faster than ever before. They must acclimate as they address a number of unforeseen circumstances such as crisis mitigation, a remote workforce, adoption of new technologies, and ensuring employee health and safety. To keep up with this evolving landscape, many organizations are rapidly trying to meet three key criteria:

  • Ensure business continuity.
  • Institutionalize new ways of working to keep pace with change.
  • Leverage technology for transformation and resilience.

This is particularly true for global consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses that are grappling with how to meet spikes in demand for particular services and goods with rapidly changing workforces and business structures. CPGs must mitigate shifts across various business units including the supply chain, finance, HR, and sales.

CPGs must meet these unanticipated changes across multiple departments with strategic goals in order to stay agile and successful. Unfortunately, for some organizations using siloed legacy integrations and planning via spreadsheets and/or point solutions, this is easier said than done.

For global CPG companies dealing with increased demand that spans products, regions, and multiple platforms including warehouse management and ERP, they must be able to reliably move data across the entire enterprise to quickly complete transactions. This is no easy undertaking considering the average transaction crosses an average of 35 different systems. Although custom code may seem like a quick-fix answer to integrating platforms and planning across business units, it can be difficult to maintain, and can create bottlenecks and hinder productivity.

Unlocking Connected Planning with a unified application network

With MuleSoft and Anaplan, organizations can evolve from legacy integrations and easily keep pace with rapidly changing needs.

MuleSoft delivers an evolved approach to connect applications, data, and devices with an application network that accelerates digital innovation. It provides a complete infrastructure that allows enterprises and external partners to connect via APIs, eliminating the need for cumbersome point-to-point connections that must be maintained with complex code. Users can exchange data within the application network infrastructure and easily connect applications to it. Moreover, MuleSoft provides the resilient and accessible integration patterns necessary to support Connected Planning with Anaplan.

Anaplan Connected Planning brings the right people, data, and plans together across all business units so leaders can make faster, more intelligent decisions. Organizations can leverage the same data as a source of truth to plan holistically across business functions. With a honeycomb effect that connects departments across finance, HR, and the supply chain, teams can quickly detect and act on patterns, optimize forecasting for better outcomes, and stay ahead of change in real time.

Together with Anaplan and MuleSoft, organizations can support a range of data integrations and connect existing SaaS and on-premises tools with Anaplan. With the Anaplan-MuleSoft Connector, teams can import, export, synchronize, replicate, monitor, map data, all while ensuring the data is secure. Further, it offers out-of-the-box integration for applications.

Connected Planning from Anaplan, driven by the power of the application network from MuleSoft, empowers organizations by:

  • Eliminating data silos to drive powerful planning and modeling.
  • Providing insights drawn from the cloud and on-premises.
  • Delivering real-time, intelligent insights to future-proof business.

By pairing a modular integration strategy with real-time Connected Planning and decision-making, the organizations across all industries can unlock siloed data to seamlessly deliver continuous, proactive insights. Together, Anaplan and MuleSoft can equip organizations to leverage technology for transformation, resilience, and coping with uncertainty. Organizations can rest assured that they are planning for now and well into the future.

For more information, watch the full webinar recording of “Built for change: Accelerating enterprise decision-making in an era of uncertainty” hosted by Nitesh Arora, Sr. Director, Product Marketing & Strategy, Anaplan and Morgan Fiddler, Business Development Manager, MuleSoft.