Tableau finds workforce planning ROI and agility with Anaplan


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Erin Hoff, Business Analyst at Tableau, will be at Anaplan Hub 2016 in San Francisco on Tuesday, May 11th, to share how Tableau found ROI and agility in its workforce planning processes.

Tableau, the company that brings your data to life, built its brand in meteoric fashion. Attend this info-packed session to learn how Tableau uses Anaplan to consolidate data sources and drive its workforce planning and forecasting, a process now done in less time and with fewer resources, before presenting the results in Tableau.

To attend the session, register for Hub16, or view the full agenda, visit: Refer a colleague to Hub16 for a chance to win a trip to Mexico or Napa, California!

About the session speaker

Eric Tabor

Business Analyst

Erin Hoff serves as a Business Analyst in the Business Operations group at Tableau. She focuses on business process improvements to boost operational efficiency, supports system implementations, and assists internal teams to see and understand their data. Specifically, Erin oversaw, architected, and implemented Tableau’s Anaplan headcount model. Erin earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Washington.