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3 reasons why you don’t want to miss Hub16


The platform for orchestrating performance.

Hub16 conference kicks off in San Francisco May 10-12, 2016

Hub is the premier event where Anaplanners meet, learn, and share—it’s all about real learning from industry experts. From more than 60 educational sessions delivered by actual users to in-depth, hands-on training and interactive peer-to-peer networking, Hub delivers true substance.

Anaplan Hub16 lands in San Francisco on May 10–12. So the question—actually, two questions—of the moment is: 1) why should you attend and 2) what’s in it for you?

The reasons are many. But let’s focus on these three:

  1. 1. Hub is all about hands-on training, peer learning, and networking with over 1,500 Anaplan customers, partners, and sponsors. You’ll leave inspired and energized after connecting with Anaplanners from around the world and learning from industry leaders. Incredible speakers are constantly added to the conference lineup.

Explore the current list of Hub speakers

  1. 2. Hub is your opportunity to learn about Anaplan product announcements and give feedback on the user experience. Stay ahead of the curve with one of

Fast Company’s most innovative company’s of 2016

  1. 3. Hub is where a team of Anaplan experts can help you solve your most complex planning challenges. Get your questions answered in real-time from Anaplan experts and take your planning to the next level. You’ll also have the chance to hone your Anaplan skills with enablement training.

Check out these Hub highlights and and discover additional reasons why you don’t want to miss the premier event of 2016. The excitement never stops at Hub!

Take advantage of our Hub16 Early Bird pricing by registering before April 1st. Please visit the Hub16 site at www.anaplan.com/hub16 to discover all the learning and networking opportunities available to you at Hub16.