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Top 5 takeaways from CPX 2019 (San Francisco) and a preview of the CPX Global Tour


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Connected Planning Xperience (CPX) San Francisco has come and gone, but the CPX global tour is just getting started. With CPX London coming around the bend on September 30 – October 1, CPX Paris on October 16 -17, and CPX Tokyo November 6 – 7, we’re bringing the world’s preeminent business planning conference to you. Discover the top 5 takeaways from the recent San Francisco event below to learn about all of the innovative and inspiring moments CPX has to offer, and to see why you should get excited to attend the CPX event in your region.

1. Opening Keynote Address: Digitization + Connected Planning = faster, better decision-making

Anaplan President and CEO Frank Calderoni kicked off the conference with an engaging keynote on how digital transformation is accelerating the speed of business. Highlighting the massive shifts in how businesses are now planning and making decisions, Calderoni stressed that leaders need better, faster data from across the organization to stay ahead of competition. He gave attendees a sneak peek into the fully digitized future in which Connected Planning enables enterprises to maximize real-time opportunities and continually improve their businesses. Visit the official CPX website to watch Calderoni’s full session, which offers a vision of what this fully-digitized future will look like.

2. The future of digital transformation looks bright with Connected Planning

How is your company’s DNA transforming in the Digital Age? At CPX San Francisco, Thomas Gailizia, Strategy and Technical Principal at Deloitte, joined Jannie Affeld, Engineering Director at Google, to explore the future of digital transformation and the role Connected Planning technology may play in it. Gailizia showcased Deloitte’s three phases of digital transformation (“imagine,” “deliver,” and “run”) and discussed how businesses can get in on the “river of innovation” that is Connected Planning. What unites us all, Cailizia noted, is that we’re all looking for a way to future-proof our businesses. To do this, companies must develop a deep understanding or their organizational DNA to create a roadmap. To close the session, Gailizia interviewed Affeld about Google’s Connected Planning journey with Anaplan.

3. Strategic decision-making and Connected Planning go hand-in-hand

Connected Planning is about more than just looking into the future (and preparing for it). It’s about transforming your company’s state and culture from reactive to proactive. This theme formed the core of the highly attended “Connected Planning and Strategic Decision-Making” breakout session at CPX San Francisco. Attendees had the opportunity to learn how three customers use Anaplan to drive strategic decision-making and business transformation. Anaplan on Anaplan (AoA) Director Pierre Kerkinni also discussed how the platform is being used at Anaplan, and what the connected ecosystem at Anaplan looks like underneath the figurative hood of our platform.

4. It’s more important than ever to make faster, better decisions and respond in real time

We believe the world is better when people, data, and plans are connected to enhance decision-making in dynamic environments. At CPX San Francisco, Ana Pinczuk, Chief Transformation Officer at Anaplan joined Simon Tucker, Chief Planning Officer, to offer insights on how to use Connected Planning to turn business transformation into a competitive advantage. Because every industry is facing the challenges that come along with digitization and disruption, Pinczuk emphasized that it is now more important than ever to focus on being empowered to make faster, better decisions, and execute more effectively, while responding to ever-increasing customer demands.

5. It’s never too late to take the first or next step on your Connected Planning journey

Often, the first step in enterprise tech transformation is the hardest to take. But, when it comes to large-scale organizational change, it’s worth it to be bold. For CPX attendees that sought to prime their organizations for transformation through Connected Planning, one of the most valuable breakout sessions was “Taking the First Step on your Connected Planning Journey.” In it, Zahir Khimji, Anaplan Global Platform owner at Amgen, joined Connor O’Brien, Sr. Director of Business Operations at Anaplan, to share their findings and best practices on how to get organizations bought-in and committed to Connected Planning in order to reap the massive benefits it offers.

To London, Paris, Tokyo, and beyond

If you weren’t able to attend CPX San Francisco, don’t worry.

While CPX San Francisco may be behind us, we’re looking ahead to London, Paris, and the rest of the CPX 2019 Global Tour. We’re bringing CPX to your region with full-day training courses, presentations, panels, networking opportunities, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from Anaplan customers in your region and discover how they boosted business performance through Connected Planning. In addition, you’ll be able to get hands-on with the Anaplan platform through live model building and best practice demonstrations.

To learn more about CPX and register, visit the official CPX website.