July 28, 2021

4 min read

Transform Real-Time Data into Strategic Action with Management Reporting

Ana Pinczuk

Chief Development Officer

Manager shadowing employee while they make updates to a reporting model

The pace of digital adoption has accelerated to new levels in the past year with more and more business leaders realizing the direct connection between their organization’s digital DNA and their ability to pivot strategically in the face of change. With a deluge of new data at their disposal and continued volatility on the horizon, it’s not surprising that executives are doubling down on those digital investments today to drive stronger analysis and decision making.

In fact McKinsey recently surveyed global business leaders across industries and found that 64 percent of respondents believe their companies need to build new digital businesses in order to remain economically viable in the years to come. In comparison, only 11 percent of respondents said their current business models will be viable through 2023.

Accelerating time to value in the next normal

The continued investment in digital business models is a boon for model builders who rely on technology to help them analyze raw data, model potential scenarios, and deliver real-time insights to their executive stakeholders.

Last month, during our Digital CPX + Anaplan Live! event, I talked about the critical role model builders play within their organizations, especially at a time when data analysis is so closely linked to business value. While leaders continue to build their digital businesses, we want to make sure model builders are getting the most out of the tools they are using so they can deliver value to their stakeholders quickly and effectively in the next normal. That’s why I am thrilled to officially launch our new Management Reporting capabilities, which expand upon Anaplan’s existing set of reporting features within our user experience to help model builders transform complex data into actionable insights for their executives.

Anaplan Management Reporting

These new enriched reporting capabilities make it easy for model builders to create dynamic, accurate, and digestible reports, leveraging real-time data within the Anaplan Platform. With drag and drop layouts, compelling visualizations, and flexible storytelling options, teams can tailor reports to their audience, point out key metrics, and convey insights with clarity, so executives who rely on reports for decision making can feel confident and well-informed.

And since data points are pulled directly from existing models within Anaplan, users can automatically update and re-generate any pre-set reports with the latest data to ensure executives are acting on real-time insights as opposed to outdated metrics.

Example of report pages showing revenue growth and top performing offices overview
Example of report pages showing revenue growth and top performing offices overview

Finally, with the ability to standardize templates in Anaplan, model builders and business analysts can configure, iterate, and customize report pages, then share the final template for use across the business. Instead of spending days creating new reports from scratch, those teams can focus on value-add activities that will contribute to their organizations bottom line.

But don’t just take my word for it. We’ve already received great feedback from several Anaplan customers who trialed Management Reporting as part of our early access program last month.

 “With Management Reporting, we will implement standard presentations and exportable slides that will save an estimated one hour, per report, per person, per month. We can build a compelling report once, easily standardize that template, and then present it many times without spending days on new formatting and design.” — Catherine Strecker, Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A at Zillow Group

Beyond the significant time savings and efficiency we expect to see, reporting in Anaplan will give our management team greater confidence in our numbers—and their consistency—knowing every report is built right in the Anaplan platform. It will really heighten the value of our planning,” — Jonas Perhage, Head of Corporate Planning & Control at Stena Line.

Example of a deeper dive into revenue growth components over time
Example of a deeper dive into revenue growth components over time

We know how critical decision making is for today’s organizations, and how hard it can be for businesses to get value out of their digital busines models quickly once investments have been made. We want to ensure that reporting in Anaplan is a simple, yet impactful task for model builders and analysts, so that business leaders can make strategic, data-driven decisions today and in the future.

 I hope we can enable a greater conversation around data with Management Reporting and our future innovations, including ad-hoc and variance analysis, enhanced extensions, and distribution capabilities. I’m thrilled to support model builders as they continue to help their executives digest key insights, align on plans, and act with confidence to drive performance in the next normal.

 Management Reporting is now available in the Anaplan Platform, to learn more, watch the Management Reporting video here or visit /platform/user-experience/