Updating Actuals – Quick Time-Saving Tips

Jill King

President and CEO

Save hours automatically updating your actuals with Anaplan

Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Pre-Sales

Business Analysts love a challenge, but only when we can expand our skill sets, look for strategic answers to make our business more efficient, and ultimately drive ROI. Spending hours on mundane spreadsheet tasks is NOT what we love about our work!

Ask any Business Analyst about their professional challenges and almost always the number one frustration on their list is: the time consuming, tedious burden of maintaining formulas and updating data in excel spreadsheets. Even something as simple as a new name for an existing account can create havoc and lead to several hours of tedious troubleshooting and model updating.

My current role at Anaplan is to work with the Pre-Sales team to build prototypes for potential clients.  I have worked on 3 prototypes over the past 4 weeks for various use-cases – weekly sales planning for a retail client, revenue and expense planning for a cell phone network company and revenue and expense planning for a steel manufacturing company.  While working on these prototypes, I was amazed with how so many of the tedious tasks I dealt with in MS Excel were eliminated in Anaplan.

Over the next few days I will share some of the mundane tasks I handled regularly in Excel and how Anaplan eliminates these painful processes.Anaplan

Updating actuals in my excel models wasn’t difficult but it was definitely tedious.  In the past, an analyst would go into each of the 20 models, log into Essbase, retrieve the data, save the file and move on to the next model.

At times it took longer to open the large files, than it did to update the actuals.  We did this process for each day during the close of the month from WD -2 to WD3 (5 days).

Anaplan Solution
The actual upload can be scheduled to run, updated automatically, and eliminating tedious manual updates.

Jill King Anaplan Pre-Sales Estimated monthly time savings = 5 hours
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