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Why leverage Anaplan for your sales performance management

Elizabeth Schaffer

Project Manager

If you missed Vicky Ascensio and I speaking at Hub16, here are a few of the highlights from our session. We shared how and why to leverage Anaplan for three main sales performance management use cases: territory and quota (T&Q), incentive compensation management, and sales forecasting.

By managing sales performance in Anaplan you can connect people and processes in a single platform, empower accurate and detailed foresights, and streamline numbers across your business all while enabling proactive rather than reactive decision-making. Let’s take a look at why Anaplan is the ideal tool to optimize your sales performance:

Connect people and processes in a single platform. All businesses today strive to have “one source of truth” from a people, process, and technology standpoint, but in reality, spreadsheets are flying across departments. With multiple stakeholders responsible for different pieces of the business, data, or decision-making, working in spreadsheets makes achieving this goal nearly impossible. With Anaplan, all departmental stakeholders can work in the same platform, with the same data to achieve a connected plan that drives numbers-driven decision-making.

With foresights business can be proactive, rather than reactive. With access to real-time data, Anaplan allows you to monitor, plan, and react to the ever-changing business world and dynamic company objectives. When using Anaplan for T&Q, you can monitor sales territory coverage gaps in real-time and react accordingly. Hear how Lexmark has improved their territory management with Anaplan

“In our old territory management process, we took a month to assemble the data. Now with Anaplan, we got rid of all the front-end data gymnastics and the simple user interface makes gathering sales input much easier. Additionally, it’s easy to reassemble data and push it back—all that goes from weeks to seconds.”

Brett Butler, Business Architect, WW Sales & Service Team, Lexmark

When using Anaplan for managing incentive compensation, a sales rep can better understand the impact of discounting on his/her commission to both benefit the company by reducing the amount of discounting, and the rep by increasing the commissions earned. Hear how Tyco has improved sales growth and efficiency with a global sales compensation platform.

Make forward-looking decisions with confidence. Let Anaplan be your one source of truth—a platform that enables enterprise-wide planning and modeling through predictive analytics. With the able to gather foresights and trends across your business, Anaplan can be the driver for your sales decisions by connecting the numbers across marketing, finance, and supply chain.

When using Anaplan for sales forecasting, you can make smarter decisions based on a data-driven sales forecast and actionable insights. Hear how Motorola achieved an accurate sales and revenue forecast—despite its complex global sales structure.

“They (sales) can have pipeline discussions using this forecasting process that adds value to their ability to understand the composition of their pipeline, their deal velocity, their conversion rates, it changes the dynamics of that dialogue at the sales level.”

Bill Cate, Senior Director Global Compensation, Motorola Solutions

If you start using Anaplan for one of these sales use cases—T&Q, incentive compensation, or sales forecasting, you can then easily expand into other use cases or business units by connecting plans, budgets, and overall foresights across the business. For examples, finance can leverage incentive compensation management data for accruals and operations can leverage the sales forecasting data for their demand planning.

Interested in learning more about how Anaplan can improve your sales performance? Register for one of our live sales demos or read our research report on sales planning best practices.

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