Manage your inventory profitability and productivity with Merchandise Financial Planning

Empowering retail leaders with a unified approach to the entire product lifecycle

Current economic uncertainty, fast-changing consumer preferences, and channel shifts mean that an agile, connected merchandising strategy and the ability to quickly execute are more critical than ever. With Anaplan for Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP), you can optimize assortments, streamline your operations, and boost profitability — even in the face of disruption.


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Merchandise financial planning done right

Enable profitable growth

Maximize profitability with effective planning, improved forecasting, and long-range inventory optimization

Create customer-centric experiences

Leverage insights to develop optimal promotions and marketing offers for increased basket sizes, higher conversion rates, and improved consumer loyalty

Build a demand-driven supply chain

Enable effective inventory planning for improved product availability, with real-time visibility, predictive insights, and scenario modeling

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