Unlocking Anaplan COE Excellence – Strategies for Seamless Alignment with Business Goals

In the realm of mid to large enterprises, the success of your Center of Excellence (COE) in Anaplan hinges on one crucial factor: alignment with the overarching business objectives. Join us for an enlightening session where you’ll gain insights from seasoned Anaplan users who have established thriving COEs. Explore the proven best practices that have fostered fruitful collaborations with the business, yielded superior outcomes, and paved the way for transformation into a cornerstone of Connected Planning within your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the secrets of Anaplan COE success and its pivotal role in your enterprise’s growth.


Anjili Chhajed, Head of Anaplan, Mass Matual

Ryan Monique, Lead, Model Architecture Center of Excellence, Fidelity Investments

Tim Lefor, Vice President Finance - Head of Business Operations and Modeling COE, Fidelity Investments

Tom Dudack, Customer Success - FSI, Anaplan