AB InBev taps into Connected Planning throughout the business

Global brewer uses finance, supply chain, sales and marketing, and HR planning to save time, increase agility and collaboration, and drive action

We not only have a financial plan with a number, but we know which actions we need to take to make sure that plan, and that number, actually materialize.
— Carlos Nobre, Global VP, Finance Planning and Analysis, AB InBev


time savings in company-wide data consolidation accelerates decision-making


iteration enables leaders to evaluate multiple scenarios and drive action


planning platform shared across the company supports consistent planning and better information flow

Starting with a single finance use case in 2016, AB InBev has brewed up a Connected Planning environment that joins finance, supply chain, sales and marketing, and workforce planning throughout the company’s 500+ brands around the world. The benefits include massive time savings, greater agility and collaboration, and the ability to drive action based on data in Anaplan — and there’s more to come.

Video Transcript

Carlos Nobre, Global VP, Financial Planning & Analysis: AB InBev is the largest brewer in the world and we make the finest beers. We are a large company, very complex. Some of them have different legacy systems, and Anaplan has helped us to get everything together in the same platform. And more importantly, is not only just to help us to consolidate, is also helping each one of them to plan differently and plan better.

Since we have implemented Anaplan at ABI, we have reduced the amount of time that it takes us to produce the same product that we used to have. But more importantly, the products are now better as well. Because we are able to integrate them, they are more accurate.

So our accuracy as well of our planning cycles has increased a lot as well as the actionability of our plans, so that now we [not] only have a financial plan with a number, but we also know which actions we need to take to make sure that that plan and that number actually materialize.

And I like to see also how the tool keeps evolving. While we have done a lot and we have changed a lot, our processes, there's much more to come.

My name is Carlos Nobre. I'm the head of Finance Planning and Analysis at AB InBev, and we plan with Anaplan.

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