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Dimension Data improves cash flow forecasting and currency hedging with Anaplan






Use case


Although Dimension Data’s existing financial ERP system accurately tracked revenue and expenditures across dimensions, such as currencies and projects, the finance team experienced extreme difficulties in extracting and manipulating data from the system for analysis. These difficulties compromised the team’s ability to track the profitability of many major projects. Additionally, there was a lack of insight into incoming cash flows from customers across countries’ compromised currency-hedging strategy.


Dimension Data knew it needed a solution that enabled its finance team to report and plan across even more dimensions. The tool had to be a flexible solution that could easily accommodate a diverse array of evolving needs as well as the team itself managing it without IT support. Above all, the solution had to be easy to use and quick to implement. In the end, Anaplan was the ideal solution for the team.


With the Anaplan platform, Dimension Data now has improved accuracy in cash flow forecasting and has greater control of currency hedging, which has reduced the risks inherent in foreign exchange. Additionally, the finance team now has the ability to quickly analyze and manipulate project data in Anaplan, instead of spreadsheets. This means that the team can produce reports and execute ad-hoc inquiries far quicker than before, improving productivity and reducing cycle times.

Why Anaplan

The Anaplan platform answered Dimension Data’s call for a solution that could integrate with its core financial ERP systems and allowed the finance team to track and monitor projects at the level of detail it required. Additionally, the Anaplan platform had the flexibility, analytics capabilities, and built-in intelligence that Dimension Data was looking for to ensure successful cash flow planning and reporting. In the future, Dimension Data plans to expand its use of Anaplan into sales compensation management.

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