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Energy storage innovator powers global growth with supply chain, finance, and workforce planning

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Anaplan has dramatically improved the planning process. We are much faster. The data is much more accurate.
Maciej Szeszula, Finance Operations Specialist, Polarium


faster strategic planning frees up time for other important finance work


faster financial closing empowers decision-makers with accurate, timely data


day to add S&OP plans for a new production facility supports rapid growth

As demand for Polarium’s innovative energy storage and optimization solutions surged, the company responded with an ambitious international growth strategy. When legacy supply chain, finance, and workforce planning threatened that expansion, Polarium adopted Anaplan. Polarium increased the speed and accuracy of sales and operations planning (S&OP), financial forecasting, and workforce planning, resulting in accelerated business growth, improved decision-making, and better use of valuable time..

Linus Bergqvist, EVP Operations: Polarium is a newly established company. We were founded in 2015, and develop, produce, and supply energy storage solutions and optimization solutions for the telecom industry, the commercial industrial, and now also entering into residential.

Maciej Szeszula, Finance Operations Specialist: Polarium's goal is to enable a transformation to renewable energy sources and to help reduce the carbon footprint. We decided to choose Anaplan because of how fast you can implement it, how easy it is to train your super users, and because how agile and powerful the solution is.

[Linus] They provided a solution that was very flexible and agile to our way of working. We have flexible products. We change our product portfolio quite often, and Anaplan enabled the possibility for us to plan on different levels, with a lot of changes, with a very short implementation time.

[Maciej] Before Anaplan, it would take us approximately two weeks to put together a business plan. Now with Anaplan, we can do it within days.

[Linus] The site establishment within South Africa would have taken about a month before we had Anaplan. And now it took about a day.

[Maciej] Anaplan has dramatically improved the planning process. We are much faster. The data is much more accurate. The time we saved on planning, thanks to Anaplan, enables us to invest this time into more qualitative tasks within the company.

[Linus] I'm Linus Bergqvist, EVP Operations at Polarium.

[Maciej] I'm Maciej Szeszula, Finance Operations Specialist at Polarium.

[Both] And we plan with Anaplan.

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