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RWG, the world’s most automated container terminal, transforms its reporting and budgeting process



Acquired by GE for $915 million in 2016


Finance, sales

Use case


Prior to using Anaplan, RWG was dependent on finance’s use of static Excel spreadsheets, leading to a lack of business insight into budget versus actuals, excessive manual data gathering, and the critical inability to scale financial planning. RWG looked for a better way to automate the company’s financial planning and reporting to support their 24/7 business.


To support the completely automated 24/7 workweek of one of the largest shipping ports in the world, RWG needed a solution that was real-time and always-on. The Anaplan platform delivered, providing a single, flexible, cloud-based solution for RWG’s 180 employees. Leveraging Anaplan’s cloud-based flexibility, RWG can now control and automate the company’s financial planning and reporting.


According to Enrico Douwens, Finance Director at RWG, Anaplan delivered real-time insight into financial performance and reporting. “With a single dashboard in Anaplan, I can now address questions from the executive team without having to do hours of number crunching. And most importantly, our [executive business] managers are enabled to manage their own business and budgets without depending on my [finance] team; that’s what I call financial empowerment.”

Why Anaplan

“When choosing a platform for our planning, budgeting, and reporting initiative, it was crucial that we had a vendor that was present, supportive, and operating locally to us,” said Douwens. “We did a deep dive vendor analysis into four tools and narrowed it down to Anaplan and Tagetik. We choose Anaplan for its unmatched flexibility, agility, and Web-based user interface.”

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