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Super Retail Group streamlines its budgeting process across more than 600 stores

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With more than 600 retail stores in three divisions, Australia’s Super Retail Group struggled to consolidate planning and budgeting data—a process that could take months and required hundreds of people. By strategically aligning operations and finance on the Anaplan platform, the company slashed a month from its planning and budgeting cycle, improved collaboration, and improved data quality.

Anaplan has been a really good partnership for us. They have your success at the heart of their business.

Financial Planning & Reporting Manager


Before implementing the Anaplan platform, it took Super Retail Group’s finance team months to consolidate planning and budgeting data for its three divisions across more than 600 retail stores. The team struggled with version control issues among spreadsheets. To add even more complexity, hundreds of people were involved in the budgeting and planning process, and it took a week to ensure data accuracy across spreadsheets.


After years of dealing with spreadsheet challenges, Super Retail Group realized that it needed a more structured approach to budgeting and planning. The goal was to strategically align the finance and operations teams on a single platform so each department could be accountable for their numbers. With hundreds of stores across Australia, Super Retail Group needed a solution that could be deployed quickly across many geographical locations, and Anaplan’s cloud-based system paved the way.


Using the Anaplan platform, Super Retail group streamlined its budgeting and processes, shortened the cycle, and improved the quality of the budgeting issues it found along the way. The time it takes to do planning and budgeting has been reduced by more than a month, and calculation speed has increased. With enhanced visibility, the team can now collaborate far more effectively, and data is now available in one unified place, eliminating version control issues and confusion.

Why Anaplan

Super Retail Group selected the Anaplan platform because its features fulfilled the company’s vision of a truly integrated planning platform. And, unlike a large and rigid ERP implementation requiring heavy consultant involvement, the finance team knew that Anaplan could be rapidly deployed. Additionally, Anaplan’s flexibility and customizability was also ideal for the finance team, who saw great value in the ability to build “what if” scenarios and learn from them.