Anaplan vs Spreadsheets

Contrast the limitations of planning in spreadsheets with Anaplan’s capabilities.

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Anaplan vs. Spreadsheets

Do you tell yourself that spreadsheets are “good enough” despite feeling frustrated by its limited functionality? Explore the differences between planning in a spreadsheet’s rigid, error-prone environment and planning in Anaplan’s multidimensional, Connected Planning platform built on the Hyperblock, a powerful modeling and calculation engine that allows you to make instant changes to models of any size.

Modeling changes that normally take weeks in spreadsheets are as simple as drag-and-drop in Anaplan. With Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform, you can:

  • Execute “what-if” scenarios on-the-fly without administrative burden
  • Control security with precision. Restrict access to any individual cell, intersection of data, or sheet
  • Replicate in minutes what would take hours to build with spreadsheets
  • Plan across multiple dimensions like time, months, years, geography, regions, and global rollup

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