Anaplan’s HyperCare program takes support to the next level and ensures success on your Connected Planning Journey.

HyperCare Premium Service Descriptions:

HyperCare benefits include the following:

HyperCare pricing and capabilities table chart

* Response times are not applicable to Severity Level 1 issues, which will be responded to without delay

** Recommended tier

  • First response time. The Tier of HyperCare will dictate the Response Time and Resolution Time. Anaplan will make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve cases.
  • Resolution Time Guidelines. Resolution Time for Anaplan under HyperCare is defined as the estimated amount of time within which Anaplan closes a support case (logged via phone, chat or email). Time spent pending customer response or information and cases that are transferred to L2 or L3 for resolution are not part of this calculation. Resolution Times are guidelines and not commitments.
  • Product support availability. All Case Submission Admins, including those with HyperCare, have access to 24/7/365 support.
  • Dedicated HyperCare Resource. A HyperCare resource will be assigned or dedicated for HyperCare Professional and HyperCare Enterprise respectively. The HyperCare resource will be available Monday through Friday during standard business hours. Anaplan will make commercially reasonable efforts to assign a HyperCare resource in the customer’s region (APAC, EMEA, or North America). Although a HyperCare resource is assigned to a customer, the customer’s appointed Case Submissions Admins should follow the standard support case submission process for product issues, outages, etc. by emailing support@anaplan.com, calling, or chatting from Community or the Anaplan Platform.
  • Priority queueing. Support cases submitted to Anaplan’s helpdesk are worked through at a first come first serve basis for customers who fall under Basic Support. Both HyperCare for Professional and HyperCare for Enterprise customers qualify for priority queueing and will be worked in priority ahead of other submitted cases. Please Note: Severity 1 issues/cases (as defined in your agreement) and outages will take precedence over HyperCare priority queueing.
  • Quarterly business reviews. HyperCare for Professional and HyperCare for Enterprise customers will be provided additional input to the standard Quarterly Business Review (QSR) executed in conjunction with the Anaplan Customer Success Business Partner (BP).
  • Model Optimization. Model Optimizations are a professional service delivered by highly skilled Anaplan analysts, and are typically offered for purchase. The outcome of the Model Optimization offers multiple benefits that can include, but is not limited to, identifying formulas, calculations and structures that have a negative impact on performance; advice on incorporating best practices into your models; and an enhanced end-user experience.
    HyperCare for Professional customers will be eligible for up to two (2) Model Optimizations per subscription year upon customer’s written request. HyperCare for Enterprise customers will be eligible for up to four (4) per year upon customer’s written request. This is a highly collaborative process among the customer, Anaplan Business Partner (BP), the model analysis team, and delivery partner (when applicable). Please allow a minimum of four (4) weeks to complete any Model Optimization.
  • Annual end user adoption survey and feedback session. A HyperCare resource will conduct a remote end-user interview upon customer’s written request. The HyperCare resource will provide insights, observations, and recommendations on how to improve the overall experience using Anaplan. A survey will also be provided to the customer collecting customer feedback on their experience with the HyperCare service.
  • VIP exclusive access at Anaplan events. HyperCare for Professional and HyperCare for Enterprise customers are provided with exclusive offers at Anaplan events. These can include, but are not limited to, discounts on event tickets for events such as CPX and regionalized Anaplan events, VIP seating for Keynote speaking events as well as other VIP access.
  • Weekly reporting app and metrics. A weekly application performance report (or reporting model) will be provided for a maximum of ten (10) Anaplan production-only models for HyperCare for Professional customers and a maximum of twenty five (25) Anaplan production-only models for HyperCare for Enterprise customers upon request. The template for this report will be pre-defined by the Anaplan HyperCare team in conjunction with the customer, but will generally comprise the following usage data points: model open time, import duration, export duration, processing time, number of times accessed, number of users, and number of changes made. Reporting will be provided for the following granularities: Workspace, Model, Container (Dashboard), and User.
  • Daily application performance monitoring. Daily application performance monitoring will be performed on a maximum of ten (10) Anaplan production-only models for HyperCare for Professional customers and a maximum of twenty-five (25) Anaplan production-only models for HyperCare for Enterprise customers upon request. This monitoring includes dynamic alerting and reporting for the specified models to the Anaplan HyperCare team. A representative of Anaplan will contact you based on customer preference if the monitoring indicates activity outside of the dynamically calculated thresholds.
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) Concierge. A HyperCare resource will run a quarterly benchmark analysis on the customer’s CoE footprint and guide them to the right resources for next steps.
  • Pre-built Solutions App is not supported by Anaplan Customer Care, including HyperCare offering and Product Support teams.
  • Preferred eligibility to product programs.