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Predictive Insights for Sales and Marketing

To successfully drive revenue and accelerate growth, business leaders need more than data; they need actionable intelligence that gives their organization a competitive edge.

Predictive Insights (formerly Mintigo) uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide business leaders with the kinds of insights that help sales and marketing make data-driven decisions and build strategic go-to-market plans. Discover new pathways to revenue with thousands of insights and buying signals about millions of businesses worldwide.

Transforming your revenue operations

AI and ML can be extremely valuable for an organization seeking to bring about a business transformation and enhance their revenue operations by optimizing sales and marketing execution. It helps businesses drastically reduce the time spent on managing and analyzing complex data while helping them make more informed decisions and reducing the chance of error.

Predictive Insights for Sales and Marketing

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Customer insights

Get deep insights on the ideal customer profile for any products across multiple use cases.

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Market discovery

Discover your true total available market, including both known and net-new accounts, to build comprehensive go-to-market plans.

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Pipeline optimization

Strengthen your pipeline by identifying who is showing intent and predicting their propensity to buy.

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Demand generation

Build target audiences based on intelligent account segmentation for unified sales and marketing campaigns.

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Operational efficiencies

Score and prioritize your prospects and enrich your database with insights that enable you to engage with intelligence.

Proprietary data and powerful AI

The power of Predictive Insights lies within its advanced AI and extensive global database containing millions of accounts and thousands of predictive attributes and buying signals.

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Company profile and firmographics
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Hiring trends and existing positions
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Technographics and installed base
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Buyer intent and online behavior

Actionable intelligence in real-time

Our advanced AI capabilities and sophisticated machine learning algorithms enable Predictive Insights to find the signal in the noise, revealing actionable insights that drive growth across revenue operations.

The predictive models built into the system, which are self-optimizing based on real-time updates to market changes and intent data, can be tailored to multiple goals and use cases, empowering faster, more data-driven decisions while revealing new opportunities for growth.

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