March 17, 2014

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Anaplan Further Empowers End Users, Citizen Developers with Winter ‘14 Release

Anaplan Further Empowers End Users, Citizen Developers with Winter ‘14 Release

Updated platform brings consumer-grade navigation to enterprise planning and execution

San Francisco – March 17, 2014 – Today, Anaplan unveiled the most significant update to its platform to date with its Winter ‘14 Release, offering a completely re-architected user experience and a raft of powerful, new modeling and planning capabilities. The release delivers increased speed, flexibility and usability for business users through a streamlined and personalized interface, and further strengthens the most powerful planning platform available, enabling companies to quickly build data-driven plans and applications to replace legacy systems.

One of the most prominent enhancements of the Winter ‘14 Platform Release is its Tiles Interface – a modern, intuitive navigation feature enabling users to seamlessly access and switch between their applications. The enhanced interface delivers one-click, enterprise-wide visibility into plans and models across sales, finance, and operations. This ease of navigation is essential as business users leverage the Anaplan platform to build, share and consume an increasing number of sophisticated and interconnected applications across the enterprise.

“The revolution of Anaplan is that we’ve architected a thoroughly modern technology platform that enables entire organizations to manage data volume, complexity, and collaboration in real-time,” said Anaplan CEO Frederic Laluyaux. “With this release, we’ve enabled a new level of consumer-like navigation and enterprise-wide visibility so that companies can align their teams to market opportunities faster.”

“This release transforms Anaplan from a business planning and execution toolkit into a full-fledged application development platform, and I’m not talking about writing code or using some complex scripting language, but rather this is about applications being built by business users, for business users,” said Anaplan CTO Michael Gould. “The design, build, and ongoing maintenance of applications can easily be done by the end users —‘citizen developers’— who best understand the problems they are trying to solve.”

Powered by the patented, in-memory data engine, HyperBlock™, Anaplan’s platform combines all the essential components for every department in an organization to build and maintain robust models, plans, and forecasts using data sets that are always up-to-date.

Key platform enhancements to Anaplan’s Winter ’14 Release include:

  • Tiles Interface – Models and plans are viewable in a beautiful tiles interface with search and favorite functionality to enable faster engagement.
  • Custom Background – Corporate branding can be applied to any Anaplan implementation by setting custom background.
  • Landing Dashboard – Users immediately land on a dashboard relevant to their role after selecting a model—enabling action to be taken on plans right away.
  • Role-based Navigation – An updated content directory streamlines navigation by only showing dashboards and modules relevant to a user’s role.
  • A new break back option: “Hold” – With break back, users can set a target for a rollup, and the variables that make up that rollup are changed according to the rules specified. Users can update a total while “holding” one or more of the variables, or update a variable while “holding” a total.
  • Drill to Transaction – Users can analyze data and generate reports by using the Drill to Transaction feature to view a breakdown of information for a selected summarized number.
  • Waterfall Charts – Waterfall charts can now be used to visually show the contribution of parts to a whole, such as the contribution of sales opportunities against a projected total.
  • Intelligent Mapping Enhancements – Intelligent mapping lets business users create and manage critical connections between plans, people, places, products, promotions and more. With new functionality called Copy Branch and Delete Branch, users can, for example, set up a pilot promotion in one organizational unit and then copy the promotion, its products, and all associated data to other organizational units.
  • Excel Add-in – Using this two-way connection between Excel reports and Anaplan, users can add additional report formatting and formulas in Excel while maintaining a live and dynamic connection with Anaplan models. The feature is easier to deploy and the new read only option accelerates data refresh as changes happen in the model.

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