March 18, 2015

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Anaplan Launches Apps to Match Supply and Demand in Hyper-Change Environments

Anaplan Launches Apps to Match Supply and Demand in Hyper-Change Environments

San Francisco – March 18, 2015 – Anaplan today announced the launch of a suite of Supply Chain Planning apps that leverage the company’s cloud planning platform and provide customers with a flexible and scalable all-in-one solution.

Anaplan’s three new applications include demand planning, supply planning, and Executive Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Customers can download the new Supply Chain Planning apps from Anaplan’s App Hub.

Anaplan CEO, Fred Laluyaux, said high volatility in demand and a fluctuating economy had provided fertile ground for cloud planning to disrupt the industry. “Companies can now proactively capture market opportunities. Their goal is to have real-time visibility and agility to truly be demand-driven, capturing all the opportunity and investing in just the right amount of supply — which ultimately increases profits. That’s the power of Anaplan: one planning platform that planners can autonomously adjust without heavy reliance on IT systems and staff. This vision has been shared by many companies for more than a decade, but the technology just wasn’t there to achieve it, until now,” Mr. Laluyaux said.

Folia Grace, Vice President, Product Marketing, said Anaplan designed the apps to address common pain-points that customers regularly encountered in supply chain planning.

“The way companies attempt to match supply to demand today, with piecemeal products and spreadsheets, is a slow and painful process fraught with error. There can be catastrophic inventory costs if companies over produce and there are missed opportunities if they under produce. Anaplan’s integrated and flexible planning platform, delivers two major competitive benefits to companies: the first being able to see all your plans connected in real time from supply to demand and from customer to partner; the second is that it empowers planners to make changes on the fly or embrace the chaos in the supply chain and use it to their business advantage,” Ms. Grace said.

Anaplan’s integrated planning platform that drives collaboration, focus, and alignment across multiple divisions and company departments is winning praise from its clients who appreciate the opportunity to plan in real time and have the option to make changes when necessary.

Jacob Mathew, Executive Director at Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia, sees Anaplan as a solution that provides a collaborative platform to execute the S&OP process. Deloitte has undertaken many S&OP process implementations where customers constantly seek flexible and agile platforms to manage this process. “We see a lot of advantages in Anaplan as a platform, we are a global partner and we are taking advantage of this platform in serving our clients better,” Mr. Mathew said.

Anaplan’s App Hub is a community for all Anaplanners to build, share, and deploy planning apps. The planning app community brings together planning experts from a wide range of business domains, industries, and organizations including HP, McAfee, Pandora, Deloitte, Workforce Insight, and many others.

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