October 20, 2010

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Anaplan Launches Breakthrough Cloud-Based Modeling Platform

Anaplan Launches Breakthrough Cloud-Based Modeling Platform

New In-Memory SaaS 3.0 Platform Supports Naturally Mapping Modules for Integrated Analytics, Forecasting, and Planning

San Francisco, CA – Wednesday October 20th, 2010. Anaplan Inc. today announced the general availability of its groundbreaking in-memory SaaS 3.0 platform for naturally mapping analytics, forecasting, and planning modules – the most significant innovation in the performance management sector since the 1990s. The Anaplan Platform is built on state-of-the-art technological advances, including a patent pending in-memory database and blazing fast calculation engine, designed to connect all the operational and financial processes of the organization in a single collaborative environment.

Comments Guy Haddleton, CEO of Anaplan, “The Anaplan Platform is a major technological breakthrough. We eliminated all the conventional databases and modeling bottlenecks to create a new technology that adapts in the moment. Our customers’ business processes and structures change everyday. Now, so does their software. As planned, Anaplan executes change 1,000’s of times faster than anything else in this sector.”

Anaplan is leading the industry in defining and implementing an entirely new class of performance management modules that live and grow with the organization as it changes daily. For the first time, teams of users from Business Operations and Finance can analyze, forecast, and plan their critical business data in the same connected cloud, eliminating silos while harnessing the collective intelligence of the workforce.

”Oudated technologies and disconnected legacy applications have made dynamic interaction across teams nearly impossible, forcing users into static models that can’t keep pace with daily change,” comments Michael Gould, Chief Architect of Anaplan. “With Anaplan, users can rapidly modify models of their business to respond to operational changes instantaneously. In a spreadsheet environment, these kinds of modifications are a time-consuming nightmare.”

Scott Kempton of Jive Software states, ”Anaplan gives us unparalleled visibility into all the analytics we need to understand our pipeline coverage, forecast accuracy, and rep performance at in-depth level. Above all, the process is no longer disjointed – the CEO, CFO, and all the Managers are looking at the same data on the same page.”

Innovative Features in the Modeling Platform include:

The Living BluePrint™, a revolutionary feature that enables modelers to explore, and implement transformational change in minutes, not weeks or months;

  • Modular Architecture, for easy plug and play mapping of modules;
  • Built-in Business Constructs, to support rapid model building for users;
  • Flexible Analytics, for better pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, and rep performance;
  • Workflow, to manage data collection from 1,000’s of contributors.