May 27, 2010

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Anaplan Launches the 360 App Series for Users

Anaplan Launches the 360 App Series for Users

Ready-to-go ‘plug and play’ applications offer compelling online alternative to Microsoft Excel®, saving 1000s of hours building and maintaining spreadsheets

Redwood City, CA – May 27, 2010. Today Anaplan, Inc., the emerging leader of on-demand planning, modeling, and forecasting applications, launched its 360 App Series designed for users still stuck using 30-year old spreadsheet technology to manage their sales forecasts, product forecasts, commission plans, capacity plans, and field expenses.

Leveraging the power and flexibility of the Anaplan application modeling platform, the 360 App Series offers Sales Managers with teams of 10 to 1000s of Reps ready-to-go applications, allowing 360 degree visibility to key forecasting processes from opportunities through to sales contribution.

For the first time, Sales Managers can not only track week-over-week changes to the forecast, but also simultaneously debate and model the impact of those changes live and online with their team, updating the forecast in seconds. Managers can track performance of the sales team, quota attainment, capacity ramp, bookings yield, and plan for the future by modeling and reorganizing territories. All in one, seamless online environment.

Guy Haddleton, CEO of Anaplan, comments: “Why are businesses still stuck on a 30- year-old desktop spreadsheet technology, building hundreds of silos and clogging many of their critical business processes? Isn’t that a huge waste of time? And money? And most of all, talent? The 360 Series makes it easy for customers to get out of their spreadsheets and into the cloud. Goodbye Silos.”

Key features

  • Live in Minutes – Import data from, be up and running in 30 minutes.
  • Ready-To-Go Applications – Simple to extend and personalize.
  • Powerful modeling platform scales to support 1000s of Reps.

Mark Smith, CEO of Ventana Research, comments: “ The need for better planning and forecasting applications has never been more clear for a sales organization stuck in a myriad of spreadsheets for tracking and updating data from their sales force automation (SFA) system like Anaplan brings the combination of a powerful modeling and analytics platform in the cloud computing environment where they provide Sales Managers and Operations teams the ability to work in a unified environment for sales forecasting.”