May 10, 2016

1 min read

Anaplan unveils enhancements that democratize advanced decision-making power across an entire business

San Francisco, May 10, 2016Anaplan, the Smart Business Platform™, just unveiled major product enhancements at Hub16, its annual user conference for global business leaders. Highlights of upgrades and enhancements include:

  • New tools to connect models across every area of the company
  • Enterprise architecture upgrades that make it easier to manage hundreds of planning apps across a company
  • New application lifecycle management features for apps that boost automation capabilities, which means that apps can be created and managed more easily
  • Improved data and metadata management structure for apps and across lines of business
  • Advanced visualizations connecting financial plans to organizational charts, enabling instant view of financial impacts with role and staffing changes
  • Cross-device collaboration capabilities
  • New “Business Map” that shows a company’s entire ecosystem of Anaplan models, where they connect, how they connect, and identifies shadow IT processes—systems typically built outside IT purview—within the business in a single view
  • New, centralized administrator controls that make managing large-scale enterprise Anaplan customer solutions of users, processes, and models more efficient
  • Easier in-model collaboration with colleagues through new features, including activity stream, messaging, and mobile applications
  • Significant scale and performance improvements

Ultimately, these platform enhancements deliver more connected and seamless use of Anaplan’s platform and apps, making it easier for companies to optimize business planning and democratize advanced decision-making power into every area of their business, including Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, Operations, and IT.

“C-level executives are managing increasingly complex operations, and they’re demanding better ways to navigate complex models, plans, and operations, companywide,” said Simon Tucker, Chief Product Officer at Anaplan. “We’re continuing to develop features in our platform that enable Anaplan to be used at massive scale within large companies.”

Today, Anaplan also unveiled predictive analytics capabilities that enable foresight into many complex planning and operating scenarios.

Hub16, the annual event for people using Anaplan’s business planning platform and apps, runs through Wednesday, May 11, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. More than 1,500 technology innovators, analysts, and business executives are attending, including executives from Anaplan customers and partners such as Deloitte, Kellogg Company, DocuSign, and Splunk.