June 29, 2018

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Atkan wins the Anaplan hackathon for AG2R LA MONDIALE

Atkan wins the Anaplan hackathon for AG2R LA MONDIALE

Twelve partners of Anaplan participated in this competitive event, working for six hours to resolve the complex challenge of capacity planning

Paris, France, June 29 – Anaplan, a pioneer in Connected Planning, announced that the Atkan team won the hackathon for AG2R LA MONDIALE, the leading insurance group for social and wealth protection in France. Atkan, who specializes in the implementation of the Anaplan platform in France, was one of the 12 partners to participate in the hackathon for AG2R LA MONDIALE on June 12.

The hackathon, which coincided with Anaplan Hub Comes to You in Paris, was centered on the goal of developing and modeling an application not only in record time, but with the greatest possible relevance to the challenge presented. The competition took place in two phases. The first was dedicated to the hackathon itself, with two winning teams chosen by a panel of experts at the end of the day. Atkan and MeltOne Advisory were named as the winners of the first round.

The applications developed by Atkan and MeltOne Advisory were shared in the second phase with the 700 Anaplan Hub Comes to You in Paris attendees who voted for the final winner. This democratic process resulted in Atkan winning the grand prize.

“We were amazed by the exercise,” says Murielle Melot, AG2R LA MONDIALE’s director of transversal operational management. “We were pleasantly surprised to see the development of models that met the needs we specified. So far, we have not found such an agile and flexible a solution as Anaplan on the market.”

AG2R LA MONDIALE issued the Anaplan hackathon challenge based on their capacity planning aspiration to better manage and optimize performance reporting for an important segment of their customer base. The reporting period lasts several months and constitutes a peak of intense activity for several services (underwriting, pricing, actuarial, and commercial) that are required to deliver highly accurate analysis, with strict deadlines and with very limited resources. AG2R LA MONDIALE wanted to organize, synchronize, and optimize the load plan of the teams by incorporating human, organizational, regulatory, and technical constraints so that each report would be produced within the specified time.

“After six hours of intense work, our team has been rewarded for the multidimensional quality of the application,” said Cédric Saïed, President and Founder of Atkan. “All employees in our group were involved in this operation. And it further validates the choice we made in 2015 to work exclusively with the Anaplan platform.”

In addition to Atkan and MeltOne Advisory, several partners participated in this Hackathon, including Deloitte, Accenture, Micropole, Viseo, PwC, Keyrus, BI Consulting, Nell’Armonia, Reportwise, and Business At Work. Each partner formed a team that also included two Anaplan specialists.

“The deep involvement and commitment of the 12 teams surprised us,” noted Melot. “They were there to win and not simply for the sake of taking part. The results obtained in such a short time show that the Anaplan tool can be a real accelerator for our businesses, both for planning and for simulation.”

“Starting from a blank sheet and ending up with a relevant model in six hours is a unique capability of the Anaplan Connnected Planning platform,” says Brice Faure, Anaplan General Manager, France. “This hackathon is a great illustration of how Anaplan customers are leveraging Connected Planning to quickly address critical business challenges by creating trusted plans and accelerating decisions.”

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AG2R LA MONDIALE, France’s leading social and wealth protection insurance group, offers a full range of products and services in retirement, savings, pensions, and healthcare. As a reference player in personal insurance in all regions, the Group insures individuals, businesses, and branches, to protect health, to secure personal estate and income, to protect against life’s accidents and to prepare for retirement. AG2R LA MONDIALE uses a unique social protection model that closely combines profitability and solidarity, performance, and social commitment. Every year, the Group spends more than 100 million euros helping vulnerable people and supporting individual and collective initiatives in the areas of housing, health prevention and assistance to careers. Follow the news of the Group: www.ag2rlamondiale.fr or Twitter: @ AG2R LA MONDIALE.