Coda Payments selects Anaplan to improve financial planning through centralized data and deeper collaboration

Founded in 2011, Coda Payments (“Coda”) is the global leader in secure, cross-border content monetization solutions for gaming and other digital content publishers. Coda is headquartered in Singapore and operates around the world, connecting over 300 publisher partners to over 10 million paying customers across 65 markets through more than 300 local payment methods.

With a rapidly expanding organization, financial planning and forecasting across multiple dispersed teams presented a challenge. Coda selected Anaplan to gain deeper intelligence into its business performance and to drive incremental growth and profitability through improved financial and operational planning.

"As Coda extends its footprint globally, timely and precise financial visibility is crucial. We were looking for a robust platform capable of handling large data sets to facilitate meticulous planning and analysis. Manual workflows and over-reliance on spreadsheet-based planning proved insufficient to meet our increasingly complex business needs,” said Abhi Sharma, Chief Financial Officer, Coda Payments. “Anaplan's centralized and synchronized planning system emerged as the perfect solution, empowering collaborative planning while significantly mitigating the risk of errors. We’re looking forward to the efficiencies to be gained from this partnership.”

“When hypergrowth companies like Coda continue to expand rapidly, they need to gain control of numbers to ensure business budgets are aligned to company objectives,” said Alvin Liew, Vice President, APAC Customer Success, Anaplan. “To do this successfully, Anaplan’s powerful platform helps plan and compare customer growth, revenue projections, and cost forecasts quickly and accurately. By modernizing finance and operational processes and centralizing data, Coda is better positioned for business growth.”

Providing guidance and expertise on Coda’s connected planning journey is Anaplan partner Keyrus. The global consulting group has supported the successful implementation of Anaplan for over 200 unique clients, delivering tailored solutions spanning multiple use cases, often across different areas of the business. Filip Sypniewski, APAC Practice Lead for Keyrus, comments “With Coda growing at such a rapid pace, they need a flexible connected planning tool that can scale as they grow. Implementing Anaplan will ensure that Coda is well poised for the future and that they will get the most out of their data.”

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