December 22, 2015

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New portal supports Anaplan partner momentum

San Francisco, December 22, 2015Anaplan, the enterprise planning cloud company, unveiled a new partner portal to better support its fast-growing community of over 100 global partners that are experiencing a strong demand for the Anaplan platform and apps.

For fiscal 2016, revenue contributed by Anaplan’s global partners grew substantially and the number of partner apps in the Anaplan App Hub increased to represent more than 60 percent of all apps.

“Anaplan is committed to the continued success of our ecosystem of best-in-class partners,” said Anthony Reynolds, Anaplan’s Executive Vice President of Operations. “With the new Anaplan Partner Portal, we’ve improved and accelerated how we are collaborating with our partners and equipping them with a robust set of resources to keep driving joint success in the marketplace.”

Anaplan partners, such as Deloitte, Accenture, OpenSymmetry, and Akili, continue to play an integral part in Anaplan becoming the market leader in planning and performance optimization. The new portal offers partners such as these a secure forum where they can efficiently access the tools needed to solve customers’ complex business challenges.

“The new Anaplan Partner Portal brings a new level of operational efficiency to the way we deliver solutions,” said Shiek Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Akili Inc. “With immediate and easy access to tools and resources, we are empowered to drive planning transformations with our customers.”

The new portal enables partners to:

  • Download Anaplan sales tools, marketing resources, and branding guidelines.
  • Create and submit business plans.
  • Register new leads, track open opportunities, and monitor pipelines.
  • Invite colleagues, manage their Anaplan roster and certifications, and maintain their company profile.
  • Access Anaplan’s on-demand Learning Center.

Find more information about the Anaplan Partner Portal here.

About Anaplan’s Partner Network
Anaplan has a global network of best-in-class consulting partners that can effectively deliver all elements of an end-to-end business modelling and planning solution.

To supply the high demand for the Anaplan platform, Anaplan has formed a global network of best-in-class partners that can help companies implement and utilize the Anaplan platform—whether that is model building, process change, local support, or global deployments. Find our list of partners here.