October 13, 2014

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NMG Consulting Selects Anaplan for Flexible, Collaborative Actuarial Modeling

NMG Consulting Selects Anaplan for Flexible, Collaborative Actuarial Modeling

Singapore – 13 October 2014 – NMG Consulting, the leading multinational consultancy focused on investments, insurance and reinsurance markets, has selected the Anaplan platform to replace a spreadsheet-based process for building and running actuarial models for its clients. In addition, NMG Consulting will offer implementation expertise to Anaplan’s financial clients, including insurers, reinsurers, fund managers, pension funds, banks and brokers, throughout the world, to help them better shape strategy, implement change and manage performance.

“The Anaplan platform is a significant innovation in business planning, and it will bring increased value to our clients who are looking to streamline their integrated business planning needs,” said Matthew Maguire, Partner, NMG Consulting. “We are in a unique position to be experts in both using and implementing the Anaplan platform, and look forward to helping our clients achieve greater results with Anaplan.”

The NMG Group has more than 800 employees working across 18 cities throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and North America. The Singapore-based company turned to Anaplan when it realized a need for a more flexible and powerful planning platform, which allowed for greater data sets, faster response times and online collaboration.

“Organizations that choose Anaplan, like NMG Consulting, realize the role of innovative applications in delivering sustainable value to their clients and securing long-lasting engagements,” said David Padgett, Vice President Anaplan APAC. “Modern organizations need to make more accurate decisions and are no longer content with mediocre results, long projects and the questionable ROI associated with legacy vendors and outdated software. To keep up with today’s global pace of business, they are rapidly transitioning to Anaplan’s agile, in-memory platform, which is delivered with the convenience and cost effectiveness of the cloud.”

NMG Consulting
NMG Consulting is the leading multinational consultancy focusing solely on investments, insurance and reinsurance markets. NMG’s vertically integrated model – consulting backed by ‘information advantage’ from proprietary research – differentiates us from the competition. We work with financial institutions (insurers, reinsurers, fund managers and pension funds, banks and brokers) to shape strategy, implement change and manage performance.

About Anaplan
Anaplan is disrupting the world of business planning and execution. We built our platform from the ground up to empower companies to plan, collaborate, and act—in real time. Stay ahead of critical business events, rapidly model potential impacts and course correct on the fly. With Anaplan’s cloud-based platform and applications, you can continuously align your people, plans and spend to your market opportunities. Anaplan is a privately held company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA with global offices on four continents. To learn more, visit anaplan.com. Join us on twitter: @anaplan