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Business leaders have to make complex decisions every day. To make the right decisions, they must evaluate diverse and disparate information from within their departments and across the enterprise.

For intuitive decision-making, people, plans, and data across the enterprise need to be connected. Organizations need to pull together the right data and the right people at the right times to make the best decisions. From the supply chain to the finance department, and throughout operations, sales, HR, and marketing, processes need to be cross-functional, collaborative, automated, and in real-time.

The complexity doesn’t end there.

Decision-making in the enterprise can become even more intricate and nuanced. For example, consider supply chain leaders and the process of production planning. Decision-makers need to determine the best products to produce, the ideal volumes of production, when and where to manufacture products, and how to optimally price them within the market.

To meet these objectives, they have to assess a wide range of variables and constraints within innumerable scenarios that can return countless different outcomes—and in rapidly changing markets, they also need to adapt quickly.

With Anaplan’s enterprise platform for Connected Planning, leaders have a better way to solve business challenges: through Optimizer.

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What is objective optimization and why is it important in enterprise planning?

Business leaders need the ability to properly evaluate planning scenarios to make the right decisions quickly and accurately. More than just having a plan in place, business leaders need to feel confident that they have the right plan.

This is precisely where the optimization capabilities of Anaplan Optimizer can help. Optimization—advanced business modeling capabilities that are built to solve for your objectives with a wide array of existing variables and constraints—can help leaders quickly evaluate an infinite amount of possibilities for a specific scenario, balancing constraints, variables, and trade-offs to arrive at the best possible outcome.

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How does Optimizer work in a Connected Planning platform?

Enabling Optimizer within Anaplan’s platform is a one-step process that is very easy for business users to set up. There is zero coding required and users leverage a simple graphical user interface with specific constraints and goals. With Optimizer integrated in the Anaplan platform, users benefit from the same high degree of data security, protection, and user access controls that govern the platform.

Integration with third-party data sources is just as straight-forward as the expansive suite of Connected Planning use cases. Application lifecycle management in the cloud gives users the benefit of developing and testing an optimization scenario separately first—before full-scale production—to improve user adoption.

With Optimizer, businesses can define objectives such as revenue, profit maximization, or cost reduction, and then set multiple variables or constraints to further guide the planning process. Although tools such as “what-if” analysis are valuable for exploring potential outcomes within the scenario planning process, Optimizer evaluates and compares complex scenarios and outcomes to suggest the best solution.

Discover the power of Anaplan for supply network optimization

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from applying objective optimization?

Nearly every enterprise in every industry can benefit from applying objective optimization capabilities. Optimizer can suggest preferred recommendations for many complex questions, from staffing to capitalization, inventory, and much more.

Business leaders use these optimization capabilities across enterprises and industry verticals, including telecommunications, asset management, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail, to name just a few.

At Anaplan, our teams use Optimizer to better support the territory and quota planning process, which assists in optimizing the sales planning process by providing valuable insight for informed and intelligent decision-making.

What are some of the common applications
of objective optimization?

Optimizer is best leveraged when businesses face scenarios with a large volume of alternatives, especially if each alternative can produce a drastically different outcome.

Although there are many common use cases for objective optimization, here are three that we commonly see in enterprise planning.


Optimizer systematically recommends accounts for assignment to sales representatives.


Optimizer recommends how much inventory and supply to have for each location to meet the customer’s required service levels.

Project Portfolio

Optimizer recommends prioritization of projects requiring capital investment.

Variables and Constraints
  • Max number of accounts per sales rep.
  • One account can only be assigned to one sales rep.
  • Account-to-sales-rep match.
  • Maximum book size per sales rep.
  • Minimum number of accounts per sales rep.
  • Total replenishment cycle time.
  • Delivery performance.
  • Customer service-level requirements by ABC-ranking.
  • Maximum capacity by plant.
  • Production run rate.
  • Production cost per unit by plant.
  • Project start time.
  • Duration of project.
  • Capital requirements.
  • Cost.
  • Human resources.
  • Technical restrictions.
Benefits and Outcomes
  • Increase revenue and account quantity coverage.
  • Spend less time on operational overhead and planning time.
  • Achieve higher quality sales rep portfolios.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce inventories, without affecting service levels.
  • Break down safety stock inventory into components by risk-mitigation drivers.
  • Prioritize the projects you work on.
  • Optimize resources and investment by specific projects.
  • Maximize cash flow.

Uncover the power of Anaplan for inventory optimization

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Anaplan offers one of the industry’s fastest linear programming optimization solutions. Powered by an advanced algorithm-based engine, it can suggest the best path to any complex problem with nearly unlimited constraints.

Anaplan’s optimization engine helps determine which course will best propel the business forward. It provides business leaders and planners with a simplified way to consider billions of possible solutions and multiple options to solve a business issue, while identifying the best route to take.

In increasingly complex business environments, Optimizer is a business leader’s trusted compass.


Strategy decisions can be implemented and applied across all business functions across all global regions.


Using only model-based line items and formulas, the optimizer does not require any specific modeling skills.


Criteria selection relies on a simple, Anaplan-started UI for ease of use. No coding required.


User-friendly dashboards ensure a simple and smooth flow of navigation. Multidimensionality with unlimited constraints.


Optimizer, one of the fastest optimization engines on the market, is built right into the Anaplan platform.

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Make complex decisions easy

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Erase the complexity of inventory optimization

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Optimize your supply network

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