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Headcount and Payroll Planning

Headcount is expensive. It comprises as much as 80 percent of annual company expenses, so getting the headcount budget right is important. Anaplan takes the planning process out of spreadsheet silos and puts it into one dashboard—enabling Finance to track actual and forecasted headcount with the right workforce planning tools to plan accurately.

Anaplan for Headcount and Payroll Planning

Key Benefits

  • Align your people headcount and payroll budget plans
  • One view for everyone that shows a complete and accurate view of your people and people costs
  • Feed in up-to-date headcount and financials from your systems of record. Eliminate the need for manual entry
  • Add, transfer, and adjust individual headcount across and between hierarchies (departments, regions, projects, etc.). Scenario plan for consolidations or new initiatives that impact workforce hierarchies
  • Plan and model scenarios at as granular a level of detail as needed to effectively make necessary business decisions around headcount

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