The age of automation is already happening: Is your sales operations team ready?

U.S. Federal Reserve economist Maximiliano Dvorkin recently published that, in the last 40 years, many U.S. manufacturing jobs have been eliminated due to automation, outsourcing, and relocation to lower-cost geographic areas—a trend that research firm SiriusDecisions also found is happening in sales operations.

This leaves sales operations leaders with a challenge: how to understand labor trends and determine where and how to staff their teams to align to key accountabilities. Frequently, sales operations leaders are forced to make staffing and accountability decisions under short time constraints; however, with limited time to thoroughly evaluate their decisions, they risk a decline in the quality of sales operations support and, ultimately, sales performance.

In this research brief, SiriusDecisions has mapped seven major sales operations accountabilities common in most sales organizations to help leaders evaluate key roles and business priorities so they can make well-informed operational decisions before they are forced by circumstances.

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