5 Steps to Ensure Readiness for Integrating Financial and Sales Planning with xP&A

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Gartner® guidance: Preparing to use xP&A and pull together financial and sales planning

Finance and sales leaders have a vested interest in rethinking and transforming how sales and revenue planning works today. Pivoting away from a manual, disconnected, and error-prone process to an agile, intelligent, and connected process is the shortest path to driving predictable and profitable growth. When businesses conduct sales planning effectively, alignment, collaboration, and trust across GTM and operations, teams improve.

To help bridge gaps between FP&A, sales, and other operational teams through xP&A, Gartner lays out five steps to ensure that businesses are ready to integrate finance and sales planning. The steps help enable planners to anticipate and respond faster to changing business conditions. Operations leaders can’t force proper planning and collaboration or make xP&A successful by themselves. Working with finance and sales leaders ensures that the organization is ready to take the necessary steps to achieve success.

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Gartner Quick Answer: 5 Steps to Ensure Readiness for Integrating Financial and Sales Planning with xP&A, Robert Anderson and Melissa Hilbertz, January 24, 2022.

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